Monday, November 29, 2004

Ganga for medicinal purposes 

I don't know the science of medical marijuana, so I really can't say if it is a good thing or not. However, quotes like these make me skeptical:

WASHINGTON - California's self-described "spokespatient" for medical marijuana watched the Supreme Court debate her case Monday, then pleaded publicly for the justices to allow her and other sick people to continue using the drug.

"Without cannabis, I would not be standing here before you," Angel Raich, 39, of Oakland, Calif., told a news conference after the oral argument.

"I ask the Supreme Court to please help me save my life."

Raich uses marijuana every two hours to fight ailments including tumors, seizures and chronic nausea, and contends she and other severely ill patients could die without it. She even suggested that Chief Justice William Rehnquist might benefit from the drug.

The 80-year-old chief justice is undergoing treatment for thyroid cancer and missed Monday's argument.

"I think he would find that cannabis would help him a lot," Raich said.

First off, who calls it cannabis? She only uses the term because it is more publically acceptable. Second, what makes me unsure is that, during Prohibition, many, many people claimed that they needed liquor for medicinal purposes. So, I don't know who to believe when it comes to the medicinal value of weed.

However, as a hard-core federalist who believes in states' rights, I do not believe that the Federal Government should be involved in this issue, and each state should decide if medical marijuana suits their needs. If you are interested in this case, which was argued today at the Supreme Court, Howard Bashman and The Volokh Conspiracy have top-notch coverage.

If you can educate me about this issue, use the comments to do so. I haven't smoked weed since I was 17 years old, in 1988. It always made me feel like crap, gave me headacges, etc, that is why I don't touch the stuff.

Guest blogging 

I'll be a guest contributor at Confessions of a Political Junkie later this week. Stay tuned.

Liberal judges at it again 

This time, in my hometown of Philadelphia, at the Third Circuit:

Colleges Can Bar Army Recruiters

Universities may bar military recruiters from their campuses without risking the loss of federal money, a federal appeals court ruled yesterday.

A three-judge panel of the United States Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit, in Philadelphia, found that educational institutions have a First Amendment right to keep military recruiters off campuses to protest the Defense Department policy of excluding gays from the military.

The 2-to-1 decision relied in large part on a decision in 2000 by the United States Supreme Court to allow the Boy Scouts to exclude gay scoutmasters. Just as the Scouts have a First Amendment right to bar gays, the appeals court said, law schools may prohibit groups that they consider discriminatory.

The 1995 law at issue in the decision, the Solomon Amendment, barred the federal government from disbursing money to colleges and universities that obstruct campus recruiting by the military. As amended and interpreted over the years, the law prohibits disbursements to all parts of a university, including its physics department and medical school, if any of its units, like its law school, make military recruiting even a little more difficult.

This is pure bullshit. The balls of the judges, to compare the Boy Scouts (A PRIVATE GROUP) excluding homosexuals from membership with a bunch of liberal panises throughout the law schools who think America is better off being overrun with homosexuals than be protected by the military.

I am in law school. I know full well the mindset. They hate the military and love homosexuals. This is perfectly reasonable to these liberals. Skull-fuck the military while screaming about gay rights and First Amendment rights at the same time. If the "Don't ask, don't tell policy" was rescinded tomorrow, they would just whine that they were against the war in Iraq, and thus they can bar military recruiters under their First Amendment rights. And, when that is over, they would say that allowing military recruiters is a de facto draft, and they oppose a draft, etc. Typical something-for-nothing liberals. We have a right to the money, and then we can do whatever the hell we want.

At least one judge, an LBJ appointee, has his head on right:

A dissenting judge, Ruggero J. Aldisert, appointed by President Lyndon B. Johnson, said the decision was misguided, particularly in wartime.

"What disturbs me personally and as a judge," Judge Aldisert wrote, "is that the law schools seem to approach this question as an academic exercise, a question on a constitutional law examination or a moot court topic, with no thought of the effect of their action on the supply of military lawyers and military judges."

"No court heretofore has ever declared unconstitutional on First Amendment grounds any Congressional statute specifically designed to support the military," he added. "It bears note that the military's policy against homosexual activity has been adjudged by a number of our sister courts of appeal not to violate the Constitution."

Judge Aldisert took issue with the majority's First Amendment analysis, noting that nothing in the law forbade the law schools to criticize the military's policy on gays.

My friends, lest we forget that the government is not a faceless entity. It is us. And, today, 2 liberal activist judges have weakened us considerably. However, I expect this to be overrruled en banc, or by the Supreme Court. The decision is a disgrace, and I expect it to be overturned soon enough.

Condolences to Miguel Estrada 

Mr. Estrada lost his wife on Sunday. He is in his early 40's, so I assume his wife was around that age too. Our thoughts are prayers are with his family.

U.N. Tomfoolery 

That laugh house know as the United Nations has two new howlers today:

Annan 'surprised' at son's link to oil-for-food scandal

The United Nations has revealed that the son of the secretary general, Kofi Annan, worked for a company being investigated in the Iraqi oil-for-food scandal for four years longer than he first admitted.

Mr Annan said last night he was "very disappointed and surprised" that his son Kojo had not told him the full story of his links to Cotecna in Geneva.

The oil-for-food scheme allowed Iraq, which was under UN sanctions, to export limited quantities of oil in return for food and medicine. It later emerged that Saddam Hussein diverted billions of dollars from the scheme to bribe officials.

Cotecna was hired by the UN between December 1998 and 2003 to check civilian supplies reaching Iraq under the programme.

The UN had previously stated that Mr Annan's son stopped working for Cotecna in February 1999. But a UN spokesman, Fred Eckhard, said Kojo Annan's laywers had informed a UN inquiry that he continued to receive monthly payments until February 2003.

Yeah, OK. Kofi Annan may be a worthless scumbag, be his isn't dumb. He knew damn well what Kojo was up to. His excuse reminds me of a guy who gets caught in bed with another woman, and says, "Honey, I tripped and my dick just fell into her."

And then there is this:

Time to get tough on terrorism, UN warned

After decades of argument over whether one man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter, a group of international "wise men" will this week tell the United Nations to outlaw all terror attacks on civilians or risk losing its moral authority.

In a report to be unveiled on Thursday, seen in part by The Telegraph, a panel appointed to reform the UN said it must send "an unequivocal message that terrorism is never an acceptable tactic, even for the most defensible of causes".

Wow!! How original of these "wise men." Just answer me this one question: If these men who are going to tell this to the U.N. are so "wise," what does that say about President Bush, who spoke at the U.N. on September 12, 2002 and said the same exact thing?

Who knows with this bunch. Maybe next week these "wise men" will tell them that they must stop the genocide in Rwanda and solve the Suez Canal crisis. Hell, maybe they'll urge a strong condemnation of the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand while they are at it.

Sunday, November 28, 2004

The end of the holiday weekend quick hits 

- I am happy to know that Cynthia's daughter is home, and that she can begin the difficult process of restoring her to her normal self. I will continue to hope and pray that Cynthia's daughter will return to her normal self soon. And, although this is a small blog, I received a ton of e-mails from you asking about Katy. Thanks for your concern.

- No one should ever see a football game where the starting quarterbacks are Shaun King and Quincy Carter. I went out to see the Cardinals-Jets game at Sun Devil Stadium here in Tempe, Arizona. It sucked. Not that I really cared about the outcome, but the Jets won 13-3. More importantly, the Eagles are 10-1 and have already clinched the NFC East.

- I don't believe this headline, Tepid Start to Holiday Shopping Season, for two reasons: Gift cards do not count as a sale until used, and even more people will be shopping online this year.

- Have I have told you in the last few days how much I hate the ACLU? Read this article titled, "Bashing the Boy Scouts - One group whose First Amendment rights the ACLU opposes."

- I miss Mark Steyn.

- I have 2 more days of classes, then a week off, then 4 finals over 8 days. After that, I will have gotten further in law school than Al Gore did. (He failed out in his first semester)

Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Praise the Lord!!! 

Our friend Cynthia's daughter has been found, and she looks to be safe. Here is what she left in the comments:



He had her in a homeless park in San Francisco. I'll be back with more when I have it.
Calliope | Email | 11.24.04 - 6:28 pm | #


-Posted by Cindy's Ex-

Yesterday we received an e-mail from Bennet. Cindy had sent him an e-mail a few days after he abducted Katy attempting to guilt trip him into responding. Apparently he went to a McDonald's that had internet access in SF, checked in with his Elftown site (which immediately set off alarms at the FBI) and replied to the e-mail.

Using the header information in less than 24hrs the FBI was able to localize where he had logged on. They called SFPD and blanketed the area with agents and fliers. Around 3pm they found them.

I just dropped Cindy off on the corner of a freeway where she was picked up by 3 FBI Agents (in the stereotypical Crown Victoria) and wisked away to Hobby Airport for a flight to SF where Katy is in the custody of SF CPS.
Calliope | Email | 11.24.04 - 7:44 pm | #


The individual FBI Agents on this case, specifically Rhea, Walker and I believe Young, along with a female agent (whos name I never got) were the absolute embodiment of professionalism. They would make you damn proud as neighbors and fellow Americans. They worked weekends including Sundays - many times overnight, including last night. They made me damn glad, grateful even, to pay my taxes. I will never forget them.

I think it is worth noting that they used tools provided in part by the Patriot Act to help find my daughter.

Also I want to publicly thank Detective B. Cowey of the League City Police Department. This man was a rock. Through thick and thin, when he was sick on a Sunday and could hardly speak, he was available to return my calls. In my opinion he is a hero.
Calliope | Email | 11.24.04 - 7:45 pm | #

I cannot tell you how much better my Thanksgiving will be. I don't know Cynthia, by I like her comments here and I am sure if I knew her I'd like her at on. I am so happy her beautiful daughter has been found. Thank you all for caring, your e-mails, and comments. This is a small blog, with about 250 hits a day, but the commenters and e-mailers I do get seem to be great people who care about people and our country as much as I do.

Cynthia, keep us updated.

Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Must be reading the New York Times 


I don't care much for Joseph Farah of World Net Daily. I think he is borderline insane at times, and, because of him, I rarely venture onto that site. However, his latest article could have written by me:

Will Bush defend Scouts?

My favorite part:

In fact, it's time for Americans to recognize the ACLU for what it is – a determined enemy within, a fifth column adversary, an anti-American army of litigators, a band of narrow-minded secular fundamentalist extremists who must be fought as if our very lives depended upon victory.

The ACLU has ceased to be a source of amusement for me. The ACLU has ceased to be an organization of loyal opposition. The ACLU has ceased to play a constructive role of "devil's advocate" in America. The ACLU is the enemy. It must be destroyed


The Declaration of Independence Unconstitutional? 

I didn't know whether to laugh or get angry after I read this:

California teacher censored

School district forbids teacher from providing handouts that reference significant documents in U.S. history because they mention God

CUPERTINO, Calif.—Attorneys with the Alliance Defense Fund filed suit yesterday against the Cupertino Union School District for prohibiting a teacher from providing supplemental handouts to students about American history because the historical documents contain some references to God and religion.

“Throwing aside all common sense, the district has chosen to censor men such as George Washington and documents like the Declaration of Independence. The district’s actions conflict with American beliefs and are completely unconstitutional,” said ADF Senior Counsel Gary McCaleb. “In addition, they have wrongfully applied their policy to only one teacher, who is a professed Christian.”

Patricia Vidmar, the principal of Stevens Creek School, ordered the Christian teacher—but no others—to submit all of his lesson plans and supplemental handouts to her for review in advance. Documents the teacher, Stephen Williams, submitted that Vidmar rejected include excerpts from the Declaration of Independence, the diaries of George Washington and John Adams, the writings of William Penn, and various state constitutions.

My friends, America is under attack from within, one brick at a time. Thank God for the Alliance Defense Fund, who defends American traditions and values.

I ain't saying he should have done this... 

...but I understand.

Lawyer arrested after charging judge's bench

NEW YORK (AP) _ A lawyer who entered a Manhattan courtroom yelling and cursing without apparent provocation was subdued after a violent struggle and arrested Monday when he allegedly rushed toward the judge who was on the bench.

Court officers subdued Jemal Deshong, who will be 29 on Thanksgiving Day, and took him to Bellevue Hospital Center for psychiatric observation, said John McKillop, president of the New York State Supreme Court Officers Association.

Deshong entered Justice Bonnie Wittner's courtroom on the seventh floor of state Supreme Court around 10:25 a.m. and approached the business area, McKillop said. He said Deshong yelled, "I have access! I'm entitled!" and officers told him to sit down.

McKillop said Deshong began yelling profanity at the court officers and then rushed through the swinging gate into the business well and toward Wittner. He said a struggle began in which Officer Mike Dallo suffered a leg injury and a table was broken.

I am about 3 weeks from finishing my first semester at law school, and I have complete sympathy for this guy.

Are you a sex offender? The ACLU has your back 

The ACLU is the sex offender's best friend, especially if they are a scumbag, lowlife pedophile. Taking some time out from defending NAMBLA, the ACLU is out to protect child molesters in Hawaii:

ACLU tries to overturn amendment in Hawaii

The American Civil Liberties Union of Hawaii has asked the state Supreme Court to invalidate a state constitutional amendment approved by 65 percent of Hawaii voters because the 2004 Legislature allegedly erred in the process of getting it on the ballot.

The ACLU lawsuit filed yesterday against Gov. Linda Lingle and chief elections officer Dwayne Yoshina claims, "The Legislature neglected to follow the mandatory requirements of the Hawaii Constitution."

Voters overwhelmingly said yes to amending the Constitution "to provide that the Legislature may define what behavior constitutes a continuing course of conduct in sexual assault crimes."

ACLU attorney Lois Perrin said the error occurred when legislators sought to override a 2003 Hawaii Supreme Court ruling that threw out a sexual assault conviction because the court found the law violated the defendant's due process. The law provides that jurors can find someone guilty of "continuous sexual assault" if they agree that the defendant assaulted a child at least three times, even if they are not unanimous on specific incidents of assault.

Funny how the ACLU screams due process violations everytime pedophiles are targeted by the law. Death, taxes, and the ACLU protecting child molesters. You can count on it.

Bud Selig must be a Democrat 

How else could you explain his incompetence? I could list a myriad of reasons why he should have been axed a long time ago, but here I will just concentrate on the latest fiasco: The Expos moving to Washington D.C. Selig allows it, announces it, but the Expos (now named The Nationals) have no place to play except at the disgraceful RFK Stadium, and a promised new stadium is nowhere near settled, and may not even happen. (Doug Brandow has great insight into the deal here.)

Major League Baseball should have just moved the Expos to Portland, Oregon. (Here are some arguments for and against that) Portland may be in psycho-liberal Oregon, but at least they would get their shit together in hurry. Washington D.C., on the other hand, is one of the most, if not the most, mismanaged cities in America. Combine D.C.'s government with the galactic incompetence of Bud Selig, and disaster is sure to follow.

Of course, Selig wants to put a team there to kiss Congress' ass, so they won't take away the anti-trust exemption MLB enjoys. This situation is only going to get worse, you watch.

Go Phillies!!!

Monday, November 22, 2004

Top movie quotes 

The AFI has compiled a list of the 400 nominees for the top 100 movie quotes of all time. I haven't read tham all, and don't know if any of these are on the list, but here are some of my favorites, off the top of my head.

My all-time favorite: "You're good kid, but as long as I'm around you always be second best." - Edward G. Robinson to Steve McQueen in The Cincinnati Kid

- "Now yous can't leave" - Sonny (Chazz Palmentari)to the bikers after he locks the bar door in A Bronx tale

- "My objective? I object when you take a girl out to dinner, and she doesn't put out for you." - Emmitt Fitzhume (Chevy Chase) in Spies Like Us

- "You've been dicking me around ever since we started this turd hunt." Jack Cates (Nick Nolte) in 48 Hours

- "Can You Dig It?" - Syrus in The Warriors

- "Leave the Gun. Take the Cannoli." Clemnza in The Godfather

- "Paulie moved slow, but that was because Paulie didn't have to move for anybody." - Henry Hill (Ray Liotta) in Goodfellas

- "I came here to chew bubble gum and kick ass. And I'm all out of bubble gum." Roddy Piper in They Live

- "All I got in this world is my word and my balls, and I don't break 'em for nobody." - Tony Montana (Al Pacino) in Scarface

- "Talk to me Goose." Maverick (Tom Cruise) in Top Gun

- "That Sneaky Fucking Russian." - Many times in Snatch

Share some of your in the comments.

Tell me... 

...that when you saw this headline, you didn't have about 100 different thoughts in your head during the half-second it took you to click on it.

Vanilla Ice reunited with wallaroo, goat

Downright hilarious, to say the least.

SpongeBob Movie 

Stephanie and I took our nephew to see the SpongeBob Squarepants movie today. It was corny, stupid, absurd, and cheesy. And I enjoyed every minute of it. The scenes with David Hasselhoff were perhaps the most ridiculous things I have seen on screen since I saw The Village. However, unlike that crap movie, the ridiculousness of the scenes were enjoyable to watch.

I am not surprised the movie made $33 million over the weekend, and I will not be surprised if it surpasses $100 million. How could you not like SpongeBob? It is a fun movie for the kids, and I recommend you take your young ones to see it. I only wish Mr. Krab and Squidward were more prominently featured.

Good ol' historical Camden 

I laughed when I read this:

Camden, N.J., Named Most-Dangerous City

In case you don't know, Camden is right across the Delaware River from Philadelphia. I lived very close to Camden my entire life, and it is a galactic shithole. The town is so corrupt, it was under the control the state police for years. I think the last 2 or 3 mayors are all in jail for corruption as well.

Camden is finished as a city. My mother lived there in the late 1960's, and she cannot believe what has come of it. Most of the houses are boarded up, and I wouldn't go near Admiral Wilson Boulevard at night, lest I got a flat or broke down.

If one were so inclined, Camden would serve as the perfect sociological model for the failure of Democratic politics. Political corruption, labor unions, the war on poverty, welfare, you name it. All have conspired to destroy Camden over the past 40 years.

When I was on jury duty for nearly a month in 1998, I had to go to downtown Camden everyday. One night, because the witness would be unavailable, the judge had us stay until 6:30. Since it was December, it was already dark outside. The judge had the guards escort us to either the high-speed line or our cars, because even he understood what kind of city Camden is.

Where's Michael Moore when you need him? 

Saudis, Arabs Funneled Millions to President Clinton's Library

[Hat tip" Schpeen]

Oh, here is the fat slob:

Michael Moore Tops List of Least-Intriguing Stars

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Director Michael Moore, whose anti-Iraq war film "Fahrenheit 9/11" sparked a firestorm of controversy before becoming a post-election footnote, topped an annual list on Monday of Hollywood's "coldest" celebrities.

The outspoken documentarian, who seemed to be everywhere during the 2004 U.S. presidential campaign, urging defeat of President Bush, ranks No. 1 on this year's "Frigid 50" roster of lackluster stars published by online movie magazine FilmThreat.com.

The Web site, known for an anti-establishment take on the entertainment industry, said its list names the stars it found to be the "the polar opposite of the hottest celebrities: these are the least powerful, least-inspiring, least-intriguing people in Hollywood."

"The Frigid 50 ice pack have left audiences cold with their overbearing personalities, poor career choices and chronic inability to stop making fools of themselves," the site said.

Moore qualified because of what the editors saw as an oversized ego. "Message to Michael: Remember, it's not always about you. Lose the chip on your shoulder," the editors said.

Really, outside of college campuses, does anyone really give a shit about what that scumbag had to say? Of course not. What always makes me laugh is how Michael Moore charges $30,000 to bitch about rich white people and how President Bush and Vice President Cheney are getting rich off of the Saudis and Haliburton. He is a modern-day P.T. Barnum, laughing all the way to the bank, thanks to suckers like many of my law school classmates.

NBA Tomfoolery 

Someone actually cares what I think about the Friday night brawl between the Pacers and the Detroit fans. (Video here)

I just watched ESPN break down the video like it was the Zapruder film. Who cares? The NBA sucks. Ron Artest had no business going into the stands over getting hit with a cup, especially since he had no clue who did it. He deserved to be suspended for the rest of the season. (Besides, Artest wanted time off to promote his crap, uh, rap album. Now, he has all the time he needs and then some.) Jermaine O'Neal, who had no business escalating the fight, got off easy with a 25-game suspension. He should have gotten suspended the rest of the season as well.

The fans aren't blameless here either. Us Philly fans get a bad rap, but, let's face it, Detroit fans have far surpassed us in being pure jerkoffs in the stands. The fans at that game were out of hand, even after the fighting ended, throwing drinks all over the place. I even saw one guy just stand there are pour out his drink right on someone's head. A few them need to be arrested for what they did. And I am sure there will be arrests.

Frankly, I don't give one damn about the NBA. I think the level of play is a joke. All dunking, zero fundamentals. I would watch it if the players were like Tim Duncan, but sadly, they are more like Artest. Duncan is a fundamentally sound player who actually uses the backboard to sink 10-12 foot jumpers. And, Duncan is the kind of guy who you really get to admire after watching him. Other than Yao Ming, I can't at this moment think of an NBA player I like. I haven't watched a game front to back since the 76ers were in the 2001 NBA Finals, and I won't be watching a full game until the 76ers are back in the finals, that I can assure you of.

The NBA is a garbage league that is full of overpaid, no-talent thugs. Why bother?

Sunday, November 21, 2004

Can you imagine Kerry doing this? 

Of course Kerry would never have done anything like this. He would have called the guy a "son of a bitch" for upsetting the Chileans.

Bush Pulls Top Security Agent From Fracas

SANTIAGO, Chile (AP) - President Bush stepped into the middle of a confrontation and pulled his lead Secret Service agent away from Chilean security officials who barred his bodyguards from entering an elegant dinner for 21 world leaders Saturday night.

Several Chilean and American agents got into a pushing and shoving match outside the cultural center where the dinner was held. The incident happened after Bush and his wife, Laura, had just posed for pictures on a red carpet with the host of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit, Chilean President Ricardo Lagos and his wife, Luisa Duran.

As Bush stepped inside, Chilean agents closed ranks at the door, blocking the president's agents from following. Stopping for more pictures, Bush noticed the fracas and turned back. He reached through the dispute and pulled his agent from the scrum and into the building.

Here's the photo:

This, in a nutshell, is why Bush received 60 million votes. The liberal media loves to make a big deal about Bush demanding loyalty, but here you can see it works both ways for him. And that is how it should be.

[Update: As expected, The Daily Recycler has the video. Nice work by W.)

Saturday, November 20, 2004

Laugh of the day 

Boy sues Mom for failing to keep her promise to buy him a computer. After reading this, I realize that I should have sued my parents into 50 bankruptcies.

Those morally superior French 

While the world complains about our fine Marine killing some terrorist scumbag who deserved exactly what he got, they are strangely silent on this video of some gutless French soldiers in the Ivory Coast shooting at unarmed civilians. The video takes a while to downlaod, but it is worth it.

From the Unintentional Irony Department 

This story in he Washington Post is just too rich to not comment on:

Post Discusses Circulation, Diversity

The WaPo is losing circulation left and right, thanks to their mostly left-wing nonsense. Basically, the paper is falling into the crapper and what is the biggest concern around the building? Why, diversity of course.

Washington Post Executive Editor Leonard Downie Jr. met with hundreds of newsroom staffers yesterday to outline management's latest attempts to combat declining circulation. However, the more intense discussion at the meeting involved diversity at the newspaper, as several minority staff members lamented that a white man recently was chosen over a woman and a black man as the paper's new managing editor.

Philip Bennett, assistant managing editor for foreign news, who is white, was selected by Downie to be the paper's No. 2 editor earlier this month, besting Eugene Robinson, assistant managing editor of Style, who is black, and Liz Spayd, assistant managing editor for national news.

"We're crushed," said national reporter Darryl Fears at the meeting. Fears, who is black, organized two meetings of African American staffers in recent days in response to Bennett's promotion. "A lot of our worst suspicions were confirmed about the ability of African Americans and other minorities to rise to the highest level of the best papers in the world," he said.

The irony of this is so damn thick. It is this liberal attitude that you can feel throughout that rag everyday that is causing the paper to lose readers by the boatload. And, read this quote again:

"A lot of our worst suspicions were confirmed about the ability of African Americans and other minorities to rise to the highest level of the best papers in the world," he said.

This is from a guy who no doubt will not support Condi Rice for one of the highest profile and most powerful positions on the planet.

Liberalism: Funny and sad at the same time.

Friday, November 19, 2004

Pray the ACLU doesn't find out about this 

The scum at the ACLU would have heart failure if they hear about this:

LANDSTUHL, Germany - When wounded troops arrive at Landstuhl Regional Medical Center they often are wearing the same clothes they were wearing when they were injured; usually a dirty desert camouflage uniform, sometimes just a pair of boxer shorts.

The troops receive a $250 voucher from the Department of Defense.

But they are often unable to make it to the nearest Army and Air Force Exchange Services store at Ramstein Air Base for clothes or toiletries.

That's where Landstuhl's Pastoral Services Department comes in.

Pastoral services runs the Chaplain's Closet, a tiny building packed full of donated clothes, toiletries, books, movies and other personal items.

Lt. Col. Robert Hicks is a chaplain with the Alabama Air Guard. He works with Army, Marine, Navy and Air Force chaplains on getting the troops what they need.

This weekend, volunteers delivered wheelchairs full of items to hundreds of troops who arrived from Fallujah in the past week.

Oh My [Reference to diety deleted for fear of ACLU lawsuit]!! This is a serious violation of church and state. What about the feelings of the atheist soldier who has [diety deleted] forced upon him after being wounded? This is an outrage I tell you. I am calling Anthony Romero immediately.

I hope this is true 

I never heard of the Khaleej Times, but I hope they are more credible than the New York Times, specially after seeing this story.

UN staff to make historic vote of no confidence in Annan

UNITED NATIONS - UN employees were readying on Friday to make a historic vote of no confidence in scandal-plagued Secretary General Kofi Annan, sources told AFP.

The UN staff union, in what officials said was the first vote of its kind in the more than 50-year history of the United Nations, was set to approve a resolution withdrawing its support for the embattled Annan and UN management.

Annan has been in the line of fire over a high-profile series of scandals including controversy about a UN aid programme that investigators say allowed deposed Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein to embezzle billions of dollars.

But staffers said the trigger for the no-confidence measure was an announcement this week that Annan had pardoned the UN’s top oversight official, who was facing allegations of favouritism and sexual harassment.

The union had requested a formal probe into the behaviour of the official, Dileep Nair, after employees accused him of harassing members of his staff and violating UN rules on the hiring and promotion of workers.

Top UN spokesman Fred Eckhard announced on Tuesday that Nair had been exonerated by Annan “after a thorough review” by the UN’s senior official in charge of management, Catherine Bertini.

Annan belongs in jail, not at the helm of the most currupt organization on the planet.

[Update: It is also on the AP wire (Strangely, not on the front page though. I wonder why that is?) That really doesn't add to the reliability of the story, but I felt I should mention it anyway.)

Thursday, November 18, 2004

What's up with Dear Leader? 

Roger L. Simon has an interesting post about our pal, that ol' Brillo pad head Kim Jong-Il.

Our allies the French 

French insurgents killed in Iraq

Three Frenchmen have died fighting with insurgents against US-led troops in Iraq, reports say.
The men, all of Arab origin, were killed in the country over recent months as the insurgency has flared.

Two of the men were aged 19 and the third was 24 years old, a French official said.

Authorities estimate that around a dozen Frenchmen of North African or Arab background have travelled to Iraq to join the insurgency

The French, whether they realize it or not, will have to deal with people like this in their own country. They need jihad, and when we are finished, and there is no more jihad to have in Iraq, they won't be going back to work at the sheep bath. They'll be looking for a new target. And France will be it.

From the "They Wish" Department 

The Washington Post has some great moments. Sadly, these days, they are more likely to run something as stupid as this:

Right-Wing Wins Take Wind Out of Talk-Show Hosts

Their guy just won reelection by 3.5 million votes. Their party strengthened its majority in the House, in the Senate and in statehouses, with the Supreme Court probably soon to follow. "Moral values" -- their kind of stuff -- are très chic.

This could be a disaster for the nation's right-wing talk-show hosts.

Election Day was a triumph for conservatism, but it may have been a mixed blessing for the people who yak about it on TV and radio. Conservative talk, by far the most popular kind on the airwaves, has always traded on an undercurrent of grievance, a sense of being the underdog against the implacable, oppressive forces of liberal "elitism." The farther conservatives were from power, the better the Us-vs.-Them model worked. The right-wing media matured and prospered under Democrat Bill Clinton, whose two terms in office were a gift that kept on giving to the Limbaughs, G. Gordons, Savages and lesser lights of the electronic right

This guy obviously hasn't listened to any of the shows that he mentions. They surely aren't continual gripe fests. Unlike (Dead) Air America, who will be off the air before you know it due to their certain-to-fail business model, there is real talent on the conservative talk shows.

Besides, the Democrats will never stop giving us things to mock them about.

This can't be true 

I was shocked, shocked, to read this headline in the New York Times:

Republicans Outnumbered in Academia, Studies Find

Whatever they spent on this study, it was a waste of money. They could have gotten more bag for the buck if they studied whether or not water is wet or whether or not Phoenix is hot in July. At the law school where I attend, every single professor is a registered Democrat. That is no secret around the building. Everyone knows it. And every law student is poorer for it.

I fully understand how this girl feels.

The students' magazine, The California Patriot, has frequently criticized Berkeley for the paucity of conservative views and for cases of what it has called discrimination against conservative students.

"I'm glad to get the liberal perspective, but it would be nice to get the other side, too," said Kelly Coyne, the editor of the magazine and a senior majoring in political science. "I'm really having a hard time finding courses my last year. I don't want to spend another semester listening to lectures about victims of American oppression."

Just yesterday, I sat through an hour long discussion about the torture memo and our "torture" of prisoners at Guantanamo Bay. While I thought the discussion was really nothing more than a bash America fest, I really did not mind it, because I will forever enjoy hashing out unpleasant and controversial issues. What bothers me is that the law school will never discuss the criminality of the U.N. Oil-For-Food scandal, and how Kofi Annan, Kojo Annan, Saddam Hussein, France, Russia and many others made themselves a huge windfall on the backs of the suffering Iraqi people. And, no one at the law school has an interest on how 70,000 people have died while in U.N. refugee camps in Sudan.

And, no one has any interest in discussing the improvement of Afghanistan and Iraq. Of course each situation has problems. No one at the school is shy from discussing those. And that is fine. But, it would be nice (not to mention intellectually honest) to talk about all the good things our troops are doing over there as well.

The America I hear about daily in law school sure isn't the America I live in.

Our friend Cynthia on Court TV today 

Watch Catherine Crier Live on Court TV today at 5PM EST to see Cynthia (Calliope) talk about her daughter. The mother of the scumbag who has her will be on too.

To be honest, I am a little more hopeful everyday that this will end soon, and end happily for Cynthia. I am just glad Cynthia has been getting the TV time to keep her beautiful daughter's picture out there.

Hoover Irony 

Erick Erickson has the must-read post of the day.

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Give this guy a medal and move on 

By now, you have surely seen the video of one of our fine Marines shooting that insurgent scum. (Watch the unedited video here) Of course, the "blame America first" media, like the Los Angeles Times (video available on page also), offers no honest context. They fail to mention that just the day before, a booby-trapped corpse killed one of their fellow Marines. CNN's story mentions this, but buries it deep in the story:

About a block away, a Marine was killed and five others wounded by a booby-trapped body they found in a house after a shootout with insurgents.

And, faking death is the oldest trick in warfare. Countless number of soldiers have been killed by someone they thought was dead.

Thank God the election is over or we would never hear the end of this. Things like this happen. War is not a clean, neat job where eveything goes the way people want it to go. If our fine Marines really wanted to kill wantonly, they would have leveled the entire building or shot the up room you see in the video before they entered it.

This shooting was justified. End of story.

Kofi needs to come clean 

Kofi Annan is a scumbag and a criminal, and needs to be held accountable for the U.N. Oil-for-Food scandal. Claudia Rosett has this brilliant article in the Wall Street Journal that will tell you exactly why.

Come Clean, Kofi
The U.N. secretary-general ducks responsibilty for the Oil for Food scam

And Harvard Law Student Ben Shapiro adds this:

Kofi Annan and the insanity of international law

My favorite part:

[Annan makes] $227,253 per year simply for blathering against the United States and Israel, and writing perturbed letters to homicidal dictators. You get to pretend moral superiority while providing aid and comfort to terrorists. Plus you get to eat in the finest restaurants in New York.

Kofi Annan deserves all that because he has a busy job. It’s not everyone who runs the most corrupt organization on the planet. It’s a busy lifestyle

How true. Kofi Annan belongs in Leavenworth.

See Cynthia on Greta tonight 

I just read my comments and wish I coul dhave mentioned this earlier. Our friend Cynthia (Calliope in the comments) will be on Fox News Channel's On the Record with Greta Van Susteren to talk about her missing daughter. You can see the final replay at 3:00 am Eastern, Midnight Pacific, so make sure you watch if you can.

Also, she taped Maury Povich today, and I will let you know when that runs. (Or check the comments and Cynthia will tell us)

Please continue to pray for the safe return of her beautiful daughter.

Monday, November 15, 2004


There is only one thing I enjoy more than watching the Eagles kick ass. It's the Eagles kicking the Cowboys' ass.

A great win tonight. McNabb had the play of the year, threw 4 TD's, and T.O caught 3 of them.

F the Cowboys.

Here is what a call a "safe for November 3rd story" 

This story would have never been published before the election.

Job Prospects Bright for College Seniors

BOSTON - The recovering economy and looming retirement of the baby boomers are making this a very good year to be a college senior looking for a job after graduation. Recruiters, career counselors and students say the fall recruiting season has been the most active since the dot.com boom.

Accountants are again finding increased demand for their services — thanks to the wave of post-Enron regulations — but theirs is just one of several hot fields. Technology companies, investment banks and consulting firms appear to be picking up the pace, as do some defense contractors and even smaller businesses that haven't traditionally recruited on campus.

The "worst economy since Herbert Hoover" seems to have ended real quick, hasn't it?

Even worse than we thought 

Turns out Saddam didn't actually get $10 billion from the U.N. Oil-for-Food scam. it was more.

Saddam Got $21 Bln from UN Oil Program -U.S. Panel

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Saddam Hussein's regime reaped over $21 billion from kickbacks and smuggling before and during the now-defunct U.N. oil-for-food program, twice as much as previous estimates, according to a U.S. Senate probe on Monday.

The monies flowed between 1991 and 2003 through oil surcharges, kickbacks on civilian goods and smuggling directly to willing governments, Senate investigators said at a hearing.

"How was the world so blind to this massive amount of influence-peddling?" asked Republican Sen. Norm Colemanhead of the investigations subcommittee.

Coleman made public more documents he said were evidence of bigger kickbacks and payments than what was previously known, including 2003 data previously not reviewed.

I have a feeling this is going to be busted wide open now that the lection is over with. Kofi Annan is a scumbag who belongs in jail, along with his son Kojo. But then again, I expect that if someone at the New York Times finds out that Hailburton charged $85.00 for a toilet seat, we'll get 30 front-page stories on it.

Speaking of worthless groups 

And this is the state of Amnesty International:

While real human rights violations are occuring worldwide, Amnesty International choose to equate Bush with Nazism. Really, does anyone besides the leftist dopes in the media and on campus really give a shit about this group anymore?

[Thanks to the unsigned e-mailer who sent this to me]

Line of the week 

From Gene Simmons, on why he voted for Bush:

"In time of war, if you go through a bad neighborhood, I don't want a little French poodle, I want a rottweiler on my hands."

The ACLU jihad continues 

Those dirtbags at the ACLU continue to wage a jihad on the Boy Scouts, and now have been able to get the gutless worms at The Pentagon to go along.

Military Bases Warned on Boy Scouts

CHICAGO - The Pentagon has agreed to warn military bases worldwide that they should not directly sponsor Boy Scout troops, partially resolving claims that the government has improperly supported a group that requires members to believe in God.

The settlement, announced Monday, came in a lawsuit filed by the American Civil Liberties Union of Illinois, which says American military units have sponsored hundreds of Boy Scout troops.

"If our Constitution's promise of religious liberty is to be a reality, the government should not be administering religious oaths or discriminating based on religious beliefs," said ACLU attorney Adam Schwartz.

That is pure bullshit. This is all about The Boy Scouts' failure to intergrate the homosexual lifestyle into their mission, and pure revenge from the 2000 Supreme Court case, Boy Scouts of America v. Dale, where the Court ruled that the Boy Scouts do not have to accept homosexuals as members or scout leaders.

The Boy Scouts create, and the ACLU destroys. I don't know about you, but if my life were on the line, I'd rather have a Boy Scout there to help me than a worthless ACLU lawyer. It is a damn same that the ACLU gets their way without people putting up a real fight.

My friends, herein lies the state of civil liberties in this country. The ACLU can't find that much legitimate rights' violations to complain about, so they need to come up with this to keep themselves relevant. If you are an ACLU member, of if you have given them money, you need to ask yourself why.

This is great news 

Bush Chooses Rice to Replace Powell

I'd like to thank Mr. Powell for his terrific service to our country. We were damn lucky to have a man like him representing us. Now, he can go to the private sector and rake in some real cash.

As for Rice, I am happy as hell at her nomination. I expect, however, her confirmation hearing will be another rehash of the Iraq War debate by the Democrats. After she is confirmed, I hope she will take a hatchet to Foggy Bottom, that bastion of internationalist liberals who are more worried about diplomacy than what is in the American interest.

The fun is just beginning.

Does anyone really care what Chirac says? 

Jacques Chirac is an arrogant prick. He hasn't doen anything useful since he was a soda jerk at a Howard Johnson's back in the summer of 1953. Get this latest bit of crap from that wanker:

Backing Bush has won you nothing, Chirac tells Britain

JACQUES CHIRAC dealt a blow to Tony Blair’s attempt to heal the wounds between the US and Europe last night by saying that the Prime Minister had won nothing for supporting the war against Iraq.

As Mr Blair used a keynote speech to present Britain as a “bridge across the Atlantic”, President Chirac doubted whether anyone could play the “honest broker”. Speaking before he visits London on Thursday, he said that it was not in the nature of this Administration to return favours...

M Chirac, speaking to British journalists, including The Times, soon after General Powell’s announcement, revealed that he had urged Mr Blair to demand the relaunch of the Middle East peace process in return for backing the war.

“Well, Britain gave its support but I did not see anything in return. I’m not sure it is in the nature of our American friends at the moment to return favours systematically.”

In other remarks that will sting the Bush Administration, he again outlined his vision of a “multipolar” world in which a united Europe would be equal with the US, and mocked Donald Rumsfeld, the US Defence Secretary, for his division of Europe into old and new.

M Chirac said that there would be no division between Britain and France.

“It is like that nice guy in America — what’s his name again? — who spoke about ‘old Europe’. It has no sense. It’s a lack of culture to imagine that. Imagining that there can be division between the British and French vision of Europe is as absurd as imagining that we are building Europe against the United States.”

The comments underline the scale of the task facing Mr Blair as he tries to be a bridge between Europe and America, a job to which he devoted last night’s foreign policy speech at Guildhall in London.

I think the British people are smart enough to realize that they are better off taking America's side than France's. Besides, who really gives a shit what Chirac thinks? France and the EU will never be a counterbalance to the United States, especially when their economies are socialized and their militaries are a joke.

Chirac is a criminal, and he has a lot of balls talking about ho and who isn't an "honest broker." I've said it before and I'll say it again. When the smoke clears, Bush, Blair and Howard will still be around, and Chirac and Schroeder will be gone.

Sunday, November 14, 2004

It's about time 

CIA plans to purge its agency - Sources say White House has ordered new chief to eliminate officers who were disloyal to Bush

WASHINGTON -- The White House has ordered the new CIA director, Porter Goss, to purge the agency of officers believed to have been disloyal to President George W. Bush or of leaking damaging information to the media about the conduct of the Iraq war and the hunt for Osama bin Laden, according to knowledgeable sources.

"The agency is being purged on instructions from the White House," said a former senior CIA official who maintains close ties to both the agency and to the White House. "Goss was given instructions ... to get rid of those soft leakers and liberal Democrats. The CIA is looked on by the White House as a hotbed of liberals and people who have been obstructing the president's agenda."

I only wish they would go over to the State Department and do the same exact thing. There is one thing I will never understand. Wasn't it the liberal Democrats (i.e. the Church Commission, Clinton, Reno, Gorelick, Kerry, etc.) who have spent the last 30 years trying to tear down the CIA? Yet, the CIA is full of liberal Democrat scum. And, why would they support Kerry when Kerry would have loved to make the CIA the functional equivalent of the French army?

The President of the United States cannot ger information from the CIA and then wonder if they are trying to undermine him or not. This bloodletting needs to happen.

Gee, I wonder what changed their minds? 

If I were a New York Times reporter, I'd be totally dumbfounded at why this happened:

Iran Agrees to Suspend Uranium Enrichment

VIENNA, Austria - Iran notified the U.N. nuclear watchdog in writing Sunday that it would suspend uranium enrichment and related activities to dispel suspicions that it was trying to build nuclear arms.

Why his happened is simple: Bush has said on several occasions, "Iran will not have nuclear weapons." Iran knows Bush means business. Bush was re-elected.

Of course, we'll hear all about how "EU diplomacy" caused Iran to see the error of their ways.

This made my day 

The last paragraph of this story is great:

The soldiers shared laughs during the more surreal moments, such as when a psychological-operations truck rolled through the city blaring the theme song to the movie "Team America: World Police." In the film, Rambo-like puppets hunt terrorists and blow up the Eiffel Tower in the process. There is no need to thank us, the puppets tell outraged Parisians.

How cool is that? Our fine Marines blaring, "America, Fuck Yeah!!" through Fallujah. I wish we had video of that. Where is Michael Moore when you need him?

Saturday, November 13, 2004


Why I am not surprised this guy is German?

Police put an end to bride's 'final fling'

Schweinfurt - German police had to rescue a swiming pool attendant at a hen party after the bride-to-be tried to bully him into having sex.

The woman, in her mid-twenties, trapped the man in a lost property office and tried to undress him, reports Bild newspaper.

The bride, who turned out to be perfectly sober, told police she "wanted to fool around one last time before the wedding".

She had managed to trick the man into taking her into the lost property room during a visit to the pool in Schweinfurt.

"She locked the door, and without further ado, started trying to undress the man," a police spokesperson told Bild newspaper.

A colleague outside heard his shouts for help and called the police.

She was later released and police decided against revealing her identity so as "not to endanger future marital peace".

The guy was shouting because some girl was trying bang him? What a pathetic Kraut!!Unless, she was trying to recreate a German shizer video she saw, this guy should crawl in a hole and never come out. I was once a single guy and had a few woman from time to time get amorous when I was not interested, but I surely never screamed like a bitch about it, for pride reasons if nothing else. I can only imagine the ribbing he his getting from his friends. I would have moved to Tanzania before I faced my friends if I ever pulled something like that.

By the way, I love the term "hen party." Never heard that before.

Jamie in Iraq 

This is my cousin Jamie in Iraq, holding the bottle of Southern Comfort that I sent him.

Remember, our troops need their booze and smokes, so if you know someone over there, pack up a box full of these important items and ship 'em over.

A new blogger deserving support 

Stop by "Liberal Nonsense and Ways to See Through It" sometime.

Praise the Lord and pass the Marlboros 

I don't know about you, but I thank God that it is Marines like this taking care of business for us, and not some candy-ass metrosexuals.

The joys of capitalism 

Who needs socialism, fascism, or communism? Those types of societies would never come up wth anything like this.

O.D.B. D.O.A. 

Rapper Ol' Dirty Bastard is dead.

Rapper O.D.B. Collapses, Dies in Studio

NEW YORK - The rap artist O.D.B., whose utterly unique rhymes, wild lifestyle and incessant legal troubles made him one of the most vivid characters in hip-hop, collapsed and died inside a recording studio Saturday. He was 35.

O.D.B. had complained of chest pains before collapsing at the Manhattan studio, and was dead by the time paramedics arrived, said Gabe Tesoriero, a spokesman for O.D.B.'s record label, Roc-a-Fella.

The cause of death was not immediately clear, but O.D.B. had recently finished a prison sentence for drug possession and escaping a rehab clinic. He would have turned 36 on Monday

I played a lot of his stuff when I was a DJ back in Philly, and played "I Got Your Money" about a million times, and I'll never forget how the crowd would react.

Oh well. At least he didn't get shot. Pray for the dozen or so kids he had.

Lee is a man of brilliance 

I think the world of Lee at Right Thinking From The Left Coast. I had the pleasure of meeting him when I was out in L.A. a few months ago and I found him to be a great guy to hang out with.

Anyway, it may take me a week to stop laughing at this line he wrote today, about gays who supported President Bush:

Which just goes to show you that intelligence and love of vagina do not necessarily go hand-in-hand.

Read the whole thing.

Friday, November 12, 2004

ACLU scumbags at it yet again 

First, take a look at this story:

ACLU honcho sues state police alleging Logan race-profile stop

The head of the American Civil Liberties Union's racial profiling unit filed a lawsuit yesterday, charging state troopers with harassing and detaining him at Logan International Airport for no reason other than his being a black man.

King Downing, 51, is national coordinator of the ACLU's campaign against profiling.

The New York-based lawyer flew into Boston on Oct. 16, 2003 and claims he was threatened with arrest when he initially declined to show ID and his airline ticket as he walked through the airport

And, here is another account of what happened:

Downing, who is black, said he left the gate area and was making a phone call in the terminal when he was stopped by a state trooper who asked him for identification. He declined, and was told to leave the airport. When he tried to leave, he was stopped again, surrounded by four troopers and told that he was under arrest for failing to produce identification.

Downing, an attorney, said that when he agreed to show his driver's license, the troopers then demanded to see his airline ticket. After police inspected his identification and travel documents, he was allowed to leave and no charges were ever filed against him, he said.

I have a memory like an elephant. When I read this, I could not help but wonder, "Gee, why does this always seem to happen to 'poor' ACLU members?" Take a look at something I wrote on this blog back on April 6th. It seems back then, some other "poor, innocent" ACLU members, by pure happenstance, were victims too. (The news link is no good, but here is the updated version of that story)

This isn't pure chance. This is the ACLU being a bunch of troublemaking jerkoffs, something they excel at. (I won't even get into the poor choice of Boston's Logan Airport after what happened on September 11th.)

I have flown at least 50 round-trips over the last year. Increased security is a fact of life today, and I don't care. My civil rights aren't being violated every time they decide to go through my bag and pull out my underwear and dirty socks. I stand there for 3-4 minutes, wait, and move along. Better we put up with that than have another incident that could have been avoided if the TSA wasn't so concerned about ACLU lawsuits.

This ACLU scumbag was looking for trouble, and he got it. I hope that the Massachussetts State Police fights the ACLU tooth and nail. I have a feeling they won't though, since the ACLU depends on gutless politicians to pay them off to make it go away. And why shouldn't they? It works almost all the time for them.

Edwards was (and is) worthless 

Darth Vader was talking about Obi-Wan Kenobi when he said this:

"His failure is now complete."

He may as well have been talking about John Edwards. Not only did Edwards fail to bring his home state to Kerry, he failed in his own county.

Thursday, November 11, 2004

It's funny because it's true 

Via DANEgerus Weblog:

F Arafat 

I may not have mentioned this before but I am quite happy Arafat has moved on from this Earth. While CNN, BBC, AP, Reuters, and the New York Times mourn his death like he was the male equivalent of Mother Teresa, I prefer to remember Arafat's true legacy.

Yasir Arafat's Timeline of Terror

Also, I am not one bit that President Bush said, "God Bless his Soul." I prefer to judge Bush on how he has treated Arafat. Bush has marginalized, refused to meet with him when they were both at the U.N., and has not let Arafat soil the White House with his stench since he became President.

Maybe Arafat feel as much suffering in hell as he caused on this Earth.

Bring it on Slim 

This is good news:

Moore to shoot sequel to ‘Fahrenheit 9/11’

LOS ANGELES - Michael Moore plans a follow-up to “Fahrenheit 9/11,” his hit documentary that assails President Bush over the handling of the Sept. 11 attacks and the war on terrorism, according to a Hollywood trade paper.

Moore told Daily Variety that he and Harvey Weinstein, the Miramax boss who produced the film, hope to have “Fahrenheit 9/11 1/2” ready in two to three years.

“Fifty-one percent of the American people lacked information (in this election) and we want to educate and enlighten them,” Moore was quoted in Thursday’s edition of Variety. “They weren’t told the truth. We’re communicators and it’s up to us to start doing it now.”

(I think he meant 52%) I hope he follows through with this. After all, just look at how effective the original was.

"He'll call you back on the 12th of never" 

I love this story:

Spanish PM Phones, Bush Doesn't Pick Up

WASHINGTON — The White House has put out word daily of calls flooding in from around the world to congratulate President Bush on his re-election victory. But somehow, Spanish Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero just hasn't been able to get his call past the switchboard.

Zapatero phoned Bush not long after his Nov. 2 win, but wasn't put through to the president. Now, more than a week after the voting, the two leaders still have not hooked up.

The White House explanation signaled something of a cold shoulder toward the Spanish leader, who angered the administration by withdrawing troops from Iraq just after taking office in April.

"I think that may be the case, that he has tried to reach out," Bush press secretary Scott McClellan said Wednesday. "Calls are scheduled at times that are mutually convenient. Some calls are able to be scheduled quicker than others."

What did this guy expect? He bashed Bush and the Iraq war and, with the help of a few bombs, got elected. Socialists and Democrats (same thing actually) think they can just say and do what they want without consequence. Now, Zapatero can go back to being bitch-slapped by his faux ally, Jacques Chirac.

Arafat is officially dead 

Passing of Arafat Draws Mixed Reactions

Count me on the side of those who are glad that murderous scumbag is dead.

Veteran's Day 

It isn't the whiny liberal who cries about the First Amendment that brings us our freedom. It is the American soldier. Thank you to all the soldiers who have provided me with the freedom to live this life of tomfoolery and skylarking.

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Today's comedy link 

Democrats Vow to Hold Bush Accountable

Congressional Democrats returned to Washington in a defiant mood yesterday, making no apologies for the campaign in which they lost congressional seats and the presidential race and vowing to hold President Bush accountable for his handling of the deficit, the Iraq war and other issues.

It's about damn time. President Bush has spent 4 years doing what he wants, when he wants, without so much as a peep from the Democrats.

Tuesday, November 09, 2004

MC Hammer's comeback 

Either this is an AP photo of the soon-to-be-dead scum in Fallujah, or MC Hammer is making a new video. Check out the guy on the left:

Looks like Arafat is indeed dead 

PA said set to announce Arafat's death

Former Palestinian prime minister and PLO Secretary General Mahmoud Abbas, the most senior Palestinian politician after Yasser Arafat, may issue a formal announcement Wednesday morning of the death of the Palestinian leader, Palestinian sources said.

The announcement may come in the course of a meeting of the Palestine Liberation Organization Executive Committee, at approximately 10 A.M.. Israel Radio reported Wednesday.

According to an Israeli Itim news service report quoting senior Palestinian officials, Arafat was already dead as of Tuesday night, but the Palestinian leadership would make the official announcement only after Abbas returned to Ramallah from Paris, via Amman, overnight.

The tear-eyed tributes in the New York Times and on the Ap wire should make for fun reading.

Liberals talking about secession 

I could not help but laugh at this:

Blue states buzz over secession

Secession, which didn't work very well when it was tried once before, is suddenly red hot in the blue states. In certain precincts, anyway.

One popular map circulating on the Internet shows the 19 blue states won by Sen. John Kerry — Washington, Oregon, California, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, Illinois, Maryland and the Northeastern states — conjoined with Canada to form the "United States of Canada." The 31 red states carried by Mr. Bush are depicted as a separate nation dubbed "Jesusland."

[Scroll down to see the map the writer is talking about. It is posted below]

The idea isn't just a joke; one top Democrat says, "The segment of the country that pays for the federal government is now being governed by the people who don't pay for the federal government."

"Some would say, 'Oh, poor Alabama. It's cut off from the wealth infusion that it gets from New York and California,' " said Lawrence O'Donnell, a veteran Democratic insider and now senior political analyst at MSNBC. "But the more this political condition goes on at the presidential level of the red and blue states, the more you're testing the inclination of the blue states to say, 'So what?' "

Mr. O'Donnell raised the subject of secession on "The McLaughlin Group" during the weekend. "Ninety percent of the red states are welfare-client states of the federal government," said Mr. O'Donnell, who was an aide to Sen. Daniel Patrick Moynihan, New York Democrat

Look, we all know that isn't realistic. However, if the liberals are serious about wanting to do something, why not organze a movement to move and flood a few states, preferably for them, red ones? They can do that, support more federalism, and live under all the liberal utopian laws they want. Unfettered access to abortion, gay marriage, high taxes, you name it. They can have all they want. How easy it would be for them to take over, say, Utah, Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, and New Mexico? Pretty damn easy.

Somehow, though, I don't think they are too anxious to give up their beach houses.

Thank you John Ashcroft 

Well, it's official. Ashcroft has resigned as Attorney General.

Ashcroft, Evans Resign From Bush Cabinet

Let no one kid you. Mr. Ashcroft was hated long before he became Attorney General. His being in that position only gave his critics new and fresh ammo. Remember his confirmation hearing, how contentious it was? It was all about Ashcroft's opposition to abortion. And, remember when the liberals mocked Ashcroft for covering Lady Justice?

Ashcroft was hated by the liberals for his Christianity. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. For all the hyperbole about Ashcroft ripping up the Constitution, I don't seem to remember anyone getting too upset over his predecessor burning down the Branch Dividians' compound in Waco and her ordering Elian Gonzalez to be taken by force.

Mr. Ashcroft served this country well. I am appreciate of his aggressiveness towards the scum that we are forced to deal with today. Now, he can go out into the private sector and make some real money.

[Update: Michelle Malkin has a ton more.]

I'm convinced Arafat is already dead 

And so is the samaBlog:

Monday, November 08, 2004

Volokh on AA at law schools 

Racism alert!! Skip this if you are a hyper-senstitive liberal who runs to the "you're a racist" argument the minute you bring something like this up.

The Volokh Conspiracy and guest-blogger Rick Sander take a hard look at the overall effect of affirmative action in law schools. Some people will not be able to handle it.

I offer no comment on this. Just passing it along. The only thing I would add is that I wish there were more intellectual diversity here at my law school, and that the liberals were as open and tolerant as they say they are.

More crushing of dissent 

I am shocked, shocked that something like this would happen in peace-loving San Francisco.

The MOAB is for wimps 

I love this:

Eglin Studying Massive 30,000-Pound Bomb
Bomb Would Be 40 Percent Bigger Than MOAB

EGLIN AIR FORCE BASE, Fla. -- The Air Force built a weapon so big it was nicknamed "Mother of All Bombs" on the eve of the war with Iraq, but MOAB would be dwarfed by a much larger munition now under study.

The proposed Massive Ordnance Penetrator, or MOP, would weigh 30,000 pounds, nearly 40 percent more than the 21,000 pound MOAB -- officially Massive Ordnance Air Blast -- that never saw combat.

"The reason it's heavier than MOAB is that it has to penetrate a target," said Fred Davis, technical director for assessment and demonstrations at the Air Force Research Laboratory's Munitions Directorate.

MOP would be designed to explode deep in the ground or inside a structure to destroy tunnels and bunkers or topple tall buildings.

I love the name MOP. After all, we are going to have to mop up Iran's nuclear plants sooner or later, and may have to mop the floor with Syria or some other problem country. We need these bombs, since our potential enemies are building their facilites under ground. With bombs like these, there will be no place safe for them to hide their weapons.

Note to liberals who are crying about us making more bombs: We build these so we don't have to use them. Why do you think they are openly advertised for all to see, and not classified top secret? And, if they must be used, it is the exclusive fault of those dopes who knew we had them and still tried to build weapons systems anyway.

Sunday, November 07, 2004

I feel awful for laughing at this 

Anti-nuclear protester killed by waste train

STRASBOURG, France (AFP) - An anti-nuclear protester died in northeastern France after being run over by a train carrying nuclear waste from France to Germany, regional authorities said.

The 21-year-old man, who had chained himself to the railway near the city of Nancy, lost a leg after he was crushed by the train and died despite receiving emergency treatment at the scene.

The authorities said the accident happened in the early afternoon in the town of Avricourt after a group of eight people gathered near the main Paris to Strasbourg line, on which the nuclear transport train was travelling.

"After coming out of a corner at reduced speed, the train was apparently confronted with the group, which moved out of the way with the exception of one person, who was hit," a police statement said

What's so great about Obama? 

For months, the press and the national Democrats (and a lot of people at my law school too) have been touting Barack Obama as the the rising star of the Democrat Party and a Vice-Presidential or even Presidential candidate in 2008. All this for a guy who gave one empty speech at the Dems convention and had no serious competition for his Senate seat. (Alan Keyes belongs in an asylum)

Everytime someone said to me how wonderfult his guy is, I always ask for a concrete example to justify why they think so. I never get a straight answer. For a guy that is supposed to be a rising star, a fresh and exciting Democrat, his sure sounds like the same old boilerplate to me. Just this morning, on the Meet The Press, Obama offered up this new analysis.

"Moral values includes the immorality of 45 million uninsured."

Watch the video and listen to this guy for yourself. All boilerplate, nothing new. Just like the rest of the left, he thinks that calling the Democratic platform part of the "moral equation" makes it so.

I am not saying Obama can't do great things or become a great Senator. I am just saying to wait until this guy gets into office and does a few things before you make him President. Especially since everytime I hear him speak, I can't tell the difference between him and every other Democrat.

Update: After some more thought, let me add this: Obama is like every other Democrat in that he is trying to say, "Well, if morals and values are important to you, our issues fall right into your concerns." It is the same shit over and over with these dopes. When nation security is the overriding issue, we hear things like "AIDS is a national security issue. Education is a national security issue." When the buzzword of the day is WMD's, we get "Poverty is a weapon of mass destruction, "Lack of access to healthcare is a weapon of mass destruction." (Of course, they are saying that when they aren't calling the Republicans "the American Taliban.")

Understand my point? These Democrats never learn. An Obama is no different than the rest of them.

Sorry Dems 

Saturday, November 06, 2004

Sudan burns while Kofi fiddles 

This headline is much too generous:

Questionable U.N. leadership

Fortunately, Nat Henoff isn't nearly as generous. Read the whole thing.

Quagmire alert 

Fallujah? No. The Ivory Coast.

French Troops Battle Ivory Coast Forces

ABIDJAN, Ivory Coast - French troops clashed with soldiers and angry mobs Saturday after Ivory Coast warplanes killed at least nine French peacekeepers and an American civilian in an airstrike — mayhem that threatened to draw foreign troops deeper into the West African country's escalating civil war.

Mob violence broke out in Ivory Coast's largest city after France retaliated for the airstrike by destroying two government warplanes at an airport outside the capital.

Thousands of pro-government youths, some armed with machetes, axes or chunks of wood, took to the streets of the country's commercial capital, Abidjan. Crowds went door to door looking for French citizens and set fire to two French schools, sending a pall of smoke over the city.

"Everybody get your Frenchman!" young men in the mob shouted to each others. About 14,000 French nationals live in Ivory Coast — some 8,000 of whom have dual citizenship

I am appalled at France's unilateral attacks on the Ivory Coast. Where's the "unique legitimacy" of a U.N. resolution allowing France to do this? Oh, here it is. The U.N. is getting tough now:

The U.N. Security Council demanded an immediate halt to all military action in the Ivory Coast and confirmed Saturday that U.N. peacekeepers and French forces were authorized to use "all necessary means" to carry out their mandate.

Kofi and his boy must not be making much cash out of there.

Thought for the day 

From David Brooks' column in the New York Times today:

But the same insularity that caused many liberals to lose touch with the rest of the country now causes them to simplify, misunderstand and condescend to the people who voted for Bush. If you want to understand why Democrats keep losing elections, just listen to some coastal and university town liberals talk about how conformist and intolerant people in Red America are. It makes you wonder: why is it that people who are completely closed-minded talk endlessly about how open-minded they are?

Don't I know it.

Laugh of the day 

A good ol' Texan who I attend law school with sent this out. (I also saw it on CNN Headline News last night while I was flipping between smut and Brother Gerard. I thought it was hilarious, although I doubt that the person who made it meant it to be anything less than insulting and derogatory.

The DNC talking points continue 

I have been getting hours of entertainment watching the Democrats run the same lines about why they lost. Some of my favorites:

- Gay marriage on ballots in 11 states. They implicity state that bigots voted for Bush. How then, do they explain the result in liberal state of Oregon, where Kerry received 898,768 votes, and the state constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage received 987,049 votes?

- People voted against their interests. No they didn't. They voted against Democrat interests.

- Bush as no mandate. Stop it. Bush won by 4 and a half million votes in a record turnout. I just laugh when I hear a Dem say he only won by 169,000 votes in Ohio, and "I don't see a mandate here." Nice try.

- Bush won, but has a fractured coalition that will implode. I don't even know what to make of that one. I heard some Democratic strategist go on and on about that last night on C-SPAN. Perhaps, I thouhgt, she should be more worried about the Dems' problems.

- They are still citing polls to "prove" their points that the country thinks we are headed in the wrong direction, Iraq War was wrong, economy sucks, etc. Someone needs to say, "Uh, the only poll that matters was taken on Tuesday. Shut up about the 'polls say' crap."

- The exit polls were right. Kerry won. If you read only one thing today, this needs to be it. What a howler. Here's a sample:

I know you don't want to hear it. You can't face one more hung chad. But I don't have a choice. As a journalist examining that messy sausage called American democracy, it's my job to tell you who got the most votes in the deciding states. Tuesday, in Ohio and New Mexico, it was John Kerry.

Most voters in Ohio thought they were voting for Kerry. CNN's exit poll showed Kerry beating Bush among Ohio women by 53 percent to 47 percent. Kerry also defeated Bush among Ohio's male voters 51 percent to 49 percent. Unless a third gender voted in Ohio, Kerry took the state.

So what's going on here? Answer: the exit polls are accurate. Pollsters ask, "Who did you vote for?" Unfortunately, they don't ask the crucial, question, "Was your vote counted?" The voters don't know

And, as expected, it happened to minority voters:

And not all vote spoil equally. Most of those votes, say every official report, come from African American and minority precincts.

It is amazing how the Democrats continually get away with treating minorities like infants.

The Democrat party has become a bunch of American-bashing, God and Jesus-bashing, Euroweenie hedonists. That is why they lost all over the place. They are not holding up their end of the American bargain, and WE ALL are worse off for it. They can blames the "stupidity of the voters" and the "Jesus-freaks" all they want. With that attitude, they are going to stay angry, and stay out of power for a long, long time.

Here is the perfect example of what I am talking about, summed up nicely in the Boston Globe. They can't accept that "[t]he Republicans had a clear message, a good messenger, great organization and great strategy[.]" (thanks to William Jefferson Clinton for being honest for once)

MoveOn.org = Kiss of Death 

I will always love how George H.W. Bush called Michael Dukakis a "card-carrying member of the ACLU" and how much it hurt Dukakis. Today, a great way to hurt a candidate is to tell people that MoveOn.org endorsed your opponent.

MoveOn's backfire

WASHINGTON -- Only four of the 26 Democratic challengers for Congress and governorships endorsed and bankrolled by the left-wing MoveOn PAC were elected Tuesday, but some suffered from that organization's support.

In Arizona, former Flagstaff Mayor Paul Babbitt was embarrassed before his rural constituents in his campaign for Congress when Republican Rep. Rick Renzi mentioned MoveOn's endorsement of Babbitt. Renzi had been considered one of the most vulnerable Republican incumbents but won easily with 59 percent of the vote.

In Minnesota, missing children's advocate Patty Wetterling's campaign for Congress suffered when Republican ads attacked her for accepting MoveOn's endorsement and cash. Republican Rep. Mark Kennedy was re-elected with 54 percent

Friday, November 05, 2004

Open letter to Kofi Annan 

Dear Mr. Annan,

F Off. Do something useful with your time, such as preparing your tearful eulogy for Yassar Araft.

U.N.'s Annan Seeks to Prevent an Assault on Fallouja
- His letter to U.S., British and Iraqi leaders warns of increasing hostility and election boycott

Star Wars Episode III trailer 

Have you seen it yet? If not, click here to see it. It looks fan-f'n-tastic!! I am going out to see The Incredibles tonight just so I could see this trailer in theatres. Lucas has one more shot to redeem himself. I pray he uses it wisely, and the final Star Wars movie is as good as the trailer looks.

Thursday, November 04, 2004

F Jacques Chirac 

I think he should realize by now that America just sent him a big "F U!"

Chirac KO's Bush offer

GEORGE Bush yesterday offered an olive branch to hostile European leaders — but was snubbed by the French President.

I must be a dumb, uneducated dope, for I have no idea why anyone in this country should care what a scumbag who chooses to align himself with Yassar "Weekend at Bernie's" Arafat over George W. Bush thinks.

Back to business 

Now that the election is over, and we are shutting down John Kerry for President? You Must Be Joking!, I plan to resume this site this weekend. I need a few days to relax and study, because the first year of law school is a zoo.

Hopefully, many of the visitors from the other site will be stopping by.

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