Monday, May 31, 2004

Who didn't see this coming? 

Once again, the irony is lost on the AP:

Iraqis Decry U.S. Over President Choice

BAGHDAD, Iraq - Iraqi Governing Council members accused American officials Monday of pressuring them to accept Washington's choice for Iraq's new president, prompting a delay in the announcement of a new government to take power from the U.S.-led coalition June 30.

U.N. envoy Lakhdar Brahimi had hoped to complete the selection of the 26-member Cabinet by Monday. However, a Governing Council session that was to have chosen a president was postponed until at least Tuesday, with sharp differences remaining between the council and the coalition over the largely ceremonial head of state job

You mean that there is political dissent in Iraq? Bush must be a complete failure because he could not get everyone to agree on everything!! Seriously, so f'n what? Political dissent is a good thing. (Only a dopey media liberal could think that Saddam winning with 100% of the vote was a true measure of Iraqi feelings towards him)

The media always fails to get that there were no Iraqis speaking out against anything just over a year ago. Soon enough, Iraqis will vote for who they want.

Side note; Anyone know when Germany was able to vote for the first time after the end of WWII? 1952...7 years after we defeated them. SOme context from the media now and then would be nice.

Kerry is a dope...again 

John Kerry, instead of giving us a Memorial Day break from all his bullshit, decided to use the occassion to rip Bush with this:

PORTSMOUTH, Va. - Democrat John Kerry ventured in to Republican leaning Virginia on Monday with a Memorial Day pitch targeting military families and a charge that President Bush "didn't learn the lessons of our generation in Vietnam."

Thank God for all of us that Bush did learn the lessons of Vietnam. Vietnam taught the American press that they can destroy American moral and the war effort. In addition, it taught the world that you don't have to beat the United States militarily, you just have to beat them in the press, which isn't too hard when the press is eager to portray the United States in the worst possible light. (i.e the Tet Offensive was a disaster for the Commies but thanks to the press, many to this day still think that it was a U.S. defeat)

Iraq=Vietnam? No way. But, if Kerry is elected, the aftermath might equal Cambodia.

Osama at the Pearly Gates 

A great joke for this wonderful holiday, via our friends at Freedom of Thought:

When Osama bin Laden died, he was met at the Pearly Gates by George Washington, who slapped him across the face and yelled, "How dare you try to destroy the nation I helped conceive!"

Patrick Henry approached, punched him in the nose and shouted, "You wanted to end our liberties but you failed."

James Madison followed, kicked him in the groin and said, "This is why I allowed our government to provide for the common defense!"

Thomas Jefferson was next, beat Osama with a long cane and snarled, "It was evil men like you who inspired me to write the Declaration of Independence."

The beatings and thrashings continued as George Mason, James Monroe and 66 other early Americans unleashed their anger on the terrorist leader.

As Osama lay bleeding and in pain, an Angel appeared. Bin Laden wept and said, "This is not what you promised me."

The Angel replied, "I told you there would be 72 Virginians waiting for you in Heaven. What did you think I said?"

Sunday, May 30, 2004

Go Flames 

My man Jarome Iginla had a Gordie Howe hat trick last night, a goal, an assist, and a fight, in the Flames 3-0 smacking of the Lightning. Somebody tell Vincent LeCavalier that taking on Iginla is not a good idea, especially for a fairy frog like him.

Is the Arab world outraged? 

Of course not. Neither are anyone else really, besides decent people like me. Certianly not the AP, the New York Times (save William Kristof), Reuters, al-Jazeera or the BBC.

Arab militia use 'rape camps' for ethnic cleansing of Sudan

Of course, even those teabags at the U.K. Telegraph can't bring themselves to say the raw truth:

After 50 years of conflict that have claimed almost 2 million lives, Sudan is now officially at peace - but unofficially, the war goes on. In Darfur, Sudan's western-most region, the people remain untouched by last week's peace agreement signed between the country's Islamic government and Christian rebels. Sudanese soldiers and the government-backed Janjaweed militia still terrorise, and at the centre of their campaign of "ethnic cleansing" is a policy of systematic rape designed to drive civilians from their settlements.

The bottom line is that Muslims are raping and killing Christians to root them out of Sudan. he have to read between the lines, and make factual connections to understand that. Why the media who lives and works in the free world takes the side of people who would kill them first if they ever came to power in their country is quite astonishing to me.

Memorial Day 

Thank you to the fine men and women of the United States Armed Forces, who have made many sacrifices, including the ultimate sacrifice, so that we may live in the greatest country every placed on this Earth by God and Man.

Without soldiers like those pictured above, without people like both of my late Grandfathers, I would be able to live the life of tomfoolery that I enjoy on a daily basis.

I will never accept the notion that everything that our fine men and women and have suffered and died for should be thrown away because of political correctness or political expediency.

God Bless America.

Saturday, May 29, 2004

Update: Seen any of these scumbags? 

Like Brandon said, the white dude does look like the guy from the Nextel commerical.

If I had written this... 

...in Journalism 301, I would have been flunked immediately.

Rumsfeld Gives Commencement at West Point

WEST POINT, N.Y. - Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld, making no mention of the prisoner abuse scandal that has led to calls for his ouster, told a cheering crowd of graduating cadets Saturday that they will help win the global fight against terror.

Professor Lorenzi would have placed his red pen through that line so fast, he might have torn the paper. What someone doesn't do is NEVER the story, unless it is intrical to the story. Rumsfeld addressing the cadets at West Point has nothing to do with the prisoner abuse media-generated scandal.

It must have killed this reporter that Rumsfeld was so well-received by the people he may have to send into battle sooner or later. That's why he did everything he could in the article to bring Rumsfeld down.

Yes, Rumsfeld is a controversial figure, due to his brashness. I say, so what? When it comes down to it, who would you want defending you, Rumsfeld or some liberal worm who will let you die lest we hurt the feelings of some Muslim terrorist?

One more thing. I read a lot of books. In the last week, I have read Rumsfeld's War by Rowan Scarborough, Hating America: the New World Sport by John Gibson, and I am currently reading Theodore Rex by Edmund Morris. In it, they was a section about some of the questionable tactics employed by American troops occupying the Phillipines in 1902. (And guess who caused all the problems there: That's right, Muslims) Unlike the gutless politicos we have today, who would send their own mother to the wolves rather than lose 5 votes, a Senator (I forget his name at this moment) stood up and defended the soldiers, explaining what they were up against, and what made them do such things. He single-handedly ended the political firestorm by doing that.

Simply put, history isn't bunk. Rather, it always repeats itself. While failure to learn from it may make us doomed to repeat it, failure to learn it to begin with makes one inadequately prepared for its inevitable repeat.

Quote of the day 

I read this quote by a little old lady, and it was just so spot-on, I had to share it:

"I approve of it, and I've never heard of anyone ever having a problem with it," she said. "I can see it out my window, and I look forward to seeing it out there every morning. It means everything's right in the world."

What is she talking about? An American flag, which her 89-year old WWII veteran neighbor flies every day outside of his apartment.

Management of the retirement community where he and his wife live - citing policy about maintaining the appearance of the building's exterior - wants him to lower the flag for good.

Thanks to people like this veteran, Mr. Donald Lamp, the management has the freedom to be the insenstive asshole jerkoffs that they are. And, what makes this especially interesting is that this man is the father-in-law of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas.

Stephanie and I are about to have a house built in Albuquerque. The first question I asked the people at the developments where we went to look was, "It is there any restrictions on flying my American flag?" One of them answered, "Waivers are available on a case-by-case basis. You'll have to petition the.." I cut her off right there, and said "Thank you for your time" and walked away. She stopped us on the way out of the door and asked what the problem was. I said, "I am not spending 175 grand on a house and have to beg to fly the flag of the greatest, free-est country in the world." With that I left.

Another place I went to was quite different. I told them about the flag and the salesman said, "Of course we allow it. But if you decide to buy here, don't take my word for it. I'll have it put into writing so you can rest assured that no one will ever try to take it down. Besides, that type of thing won't happen here."

Take a guess who we chose to buy a house from.

Friday, May 28, 2004

Don't buy this 

[Hat tip: A Small Victory]

Great site I found 

You can take a look at the front page of many daily newspapers by clicking here.

I like the Instapundit, but... 

...he is too easily duped, because no matter how he tries to avoid saying it, he wants Kerry to win. Get this post:


In what his campaign billed as a major foreign-policy address, Kerry said that despite the fierce election-year politics, the country is standing together when it comes to preventing future attacks.

"This country is united in its determination to destroy you," said Kerry of the terrorists, in the first of a series of foreign-policy speeches timed to coincide with Memorial Day and President Bush's trip to Europe for D-Day ceremonies.

"As commander in chief, I will bring the full force of our nation's power to bear on finding and crushing your networks. We will use every available resource to destroy you," Kerry said in Seattle.

"More like this, please," says Reynolds. The good Professor should know better. No one believes for a second that he means a word of it. Even Kerry supporters know he is only saying it to appeal to swing voters. Kerry is kidding no one. The good Professor left this part out:

Despite the difficult situation in Iraq, Kerry barely touched on the beleaguered country, except to say that he would like the United Nations to appoint a high commissioner and have NATO more involved.

Same old stock crap that he has been running for a year now. And the Professor left this part out too:

The Massachusetts senator added, "As president, my No. 1 security goal will be to prevent the terrorists from gaining weapons of mass murder. And our overriding mission will be to disrupt and destroy their terrorist cells."

Isn't that exactly what Bush is doing now, yet Kerry is criticizing him to no end for it? And he left this part out too:

[K]erry promised to ensure that the men and women of the US military are the best-led, best-equipped and most respected fighting force in the world, and as commander-in-chief, he said he will never send troops into harm’s way without enough troops for the task or without a plan to win the peace. He also emphasized that not every problem should be viewed through the military lens and stressed that as President, he will deploy all the power – economic, intelligence and our values and ideas – in America’s arsenal to meet our challenges.

There was his out. Kerry would run back to the law enforcement approach, with an administration full of lawyers that would tell him "no can do" on anything, just like the Clinton administration. And, lastly, get this part:

"When I returned home from Vietnam, I joined my fellow veterans in vowing never to abandon any veterans of America’s wars, and my commitment to veterans and members of our military has never wavered and never will,” Kerry said. “We can build a stronger America by making sure we honor all our commitments to veterans and military families, and together we will."

Funny, but throwing his fellow soldiers under the bus is exactly what he did upon returning from Vietnam. Just look at his Senate testimony.

How can anyone possibly take Kerry at his word?

Welcome Instapundit Readers!!! Stop by the main page and stick around for a few minutes. Thanks, Glenn.

The Day After Tomorrow 

Brendan e-mailed a review of The Day After Tomorrow from an Australian rag, and I had to pass it on:

The Day After Tomorrow, Roland Emmerich's latest disaster movie, although disaster doesn't seem a strong enough word. New York gets hit by a tidal wave, Scotland is snap frozen, Tokyo suffers hailstones the size of rockmelons, and Los Angeles is ripped apart by tornadoes. You wouldn't want to know what happens to Canada.

No less damage is done to science, but all in a worthy cause. The film is a pointed eco-disaster movie, warning us all, and especially the US Government, of the consequences of ignoring global climate change

Yes I would want to see what happened to Canada, especially if it's Quebec. Get this sentence:

No less damage is done to science, but all in a worthy cause.

Think about the meaning of that sentence. It means simply, there are no scientific facts but that's not important when they get across the message that we want them to. Truth be damned.

The film is a pointed eco-disaster movie, warning us all, and especially the US Government, of the consequences of ignoring global climate change...It's Hollywood does Kyoto, and one of the first scenes lays out the blame, when the US Vice-President asks Jack Hall (Dennis Quaid), a US paleoclimatologist, about who will pay the cost of the Kyoto accord (which the US and Australian governments have both refused to sign). "Our economy is every bit as fragile as the environment," says VP Becker (Kenneth Welsh). "Perhaps you should keep that in mind when you're making sensational claims."

Kyoto again? Oh, stop it. If Kyoto is so vital, how come it doesn't include China and India, who put America to shame when it comes to spewing pollution? Not to mention pretty much of all Asia is a disgrace when it comes to pollution. Ever been to Seoul, South Korea? Walking in that city is like standing next to the exhaust pipe of a bus.

Independence Day, the film that launched Emmerich into the Hollywood stratosphere, follows these rules. The Day After Tomorrow follows the rules, too, but in an intriguing way. Where Independence Day was a disaster movie cloaked in the American flag, TDAT is about the decline and fall of American pride.

Brendan asks, "Hmm. My national pride is just fine and dandy. What about you?" My answer to that is, "Yes, my pride is also fine and dandy. The problem is that liberal pride is shot to hell."

Will you go see this movie? Leave a comment and let me know. I plan to see it, for the comedy value and to see the special effects. But, only the true believers like Al Snore, uh, Bore, uh, Gore will take it seriously.

By the way, here's me in Seoul in 2002:

This must be a joke 

For a second, I thought I was reading Scrappleface. get this column in the Denver Post by some dope named Reggie Rivers.

Keep our slaves safe

Our military is one of the last bastions of slavery in the United States. At the moment, our slaves are stuck in a combat zone, getting killed and maimed, and there's nothing they can do about it except hunker down and pray.

Yes, our slaves signed up of their own free will, but most of them were as misled about their job as the rest of us were about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.

And I don't think "slave" is too strong a word to describe someone who is not permitted to quit his job no matter how dangerous it becomes or how much he hates it. For most of us, the 13th Amendment abolished slavery and guaranteed that we have the right to withhold our labor. It doesn't protect soldiers.

Our armed forces recruiters are quite adept at making military service appear beneficial (it mostly is) and safe (it's not). The threat of war is minimized, because few rational people actually want to fight

I just love the liberal columnist trick of minimizing the obvious fact that makes the whole point of the column worthless. Read this again:

Yes, our slaves signed up of their own free will, but most of them were as misled about their job as the rest of us were about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.

That is right, it was free will, so the slavery analogy falls apart right there. Plus, everyone knows what they are getting into when they sign up. They are no illusions here, only to dumb liberals who think that the military is filled with lowlife scum with nowhere else to turn.

According to Chalmers Johnson, author of "The Sorrows of Empire," almost half of our enlisted forces are between 17 and 24 years of age, and they were lured into military service with promises of education, job training, escape from poverty, medical benefits and the chance to operate some cool, high-tech equipment.

Johnson wrote: "A real deterrent to recruitment is the possibility that a new soldier will find himself or herself in combat. Roughly four out of five young Americans who enlist in our all-volunteer armed forces specifically choose non-combat jobs ... ."

What? the military isn't like the weak, pussyfied Euro weenie militaries. It isn't a jobs or a social program, its for those who choose to serve this country and defend her. No one is forced to join, no matter how much liberals like this dope try to spin it.

The recruitment effort gets more aggressive at the high school level. Johnson wrote, "Complaints about harassment by military recruiters in San Diego became so numerous in 1993 that the San Diego Unified School district adopted a policy against releasing student information to recruiters of any kind."

Bans on overbearing campus recruiters became so common that President Bush addressed the issue in the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001. The bill stated: "Any secondary school that receives federal funds under this Act shall permit regular United States Armed Services recruitment activities on school grounds, in a manner reasonably accessible to all students of such school."

This idiot must have taken too many shots to the helmet when he played in the NFL. Tying federal funding to military recruiter access to campuses isn't something that Bush started, it goes back to the Solomon Amendment and even before that. Plus, the reason schools were denying access to recruiters was not because of harrassment, it is because of bullshit liberal policies like their opposition to "don't ask, don't tell" and the gays in the military issue, amongst other things. Of course, liberal administrators want that government largesse, but want it without any strings attached, in order to continue their open hatred of the military unabated.

I guess though I can forgive rivers for his idiocy. After all, he played in the NFL, and we all know how much of a grip on reality pro athletes have.

The Canadian health care system in a nutshell 

Thursday, May 27, 2004

Well which is it? 

When the August 6, 2001 PDB was released, the New York Times wondered why Bush didn't round up every Arab who tried to board an airplane. Now, when John Ashcroft announces a group of people wanted by the government, the Times not only places it on page A16, they accuse ashcroft of playing politics with national security.

As Ashcroft Warns of Attack, Some Question Threat and Its Timing

The White House came under criticism this year for not acting more aggressively in August 2001 when Mr. Bush was informed that Al Qaeda was planning to attack the United States or its interests abroad. In issuing a high-profile warning this time, the administration appeared intent on insulating itself from any perception that it was not responding vigorously enough.

But the announcement also came after weeks in which Mr. Bush's political standing has been battered by events in Iraq and as his re-election campaign is seeking to portray Mr. Kerry as opposed to the USA Patriot Act, the law giving the government broad powers to combat terrorism.

Just look at that blatant bullshit. Bush is "seeking to portray Mr. Kerry as opposed to the USA Patriot Act" because he IS opposed to it. (Well, maybe. I think he has flip-flopped on that too.) That is the same as if the Times wrote that Bush is "seeking to portray Mr. Kerry as being the junior Senator from Massachusetts."

It gets even better:

Harold Schaitberger, head of the International Association of Fire Fighters, told reporters in a conference call organized by Mr. Kerry's campaign that he found the timing of the announcement to be "politically convenient at best" because it came after "we see the president's approval ratings plummet."

If you read the entire article, you will find that this group, perhaps Kerry's biggest supporters, supply the entire justification for the headline. Once again, the Times carries the water for Kerry.

I just love this type of reporting 

Read this sentence:

Coalition to suspend operations in Najaf

BAGHDAD, Iraq - The U.S.-led coalition agreed Thursday to suspend military operations in Najaf as part of a deal negotiated by Iraqi leaders with rebel cleric Muqtada al-Sadr to end a bloody standoff in the heartland of Shiite Islam.

Bloody standoff? It should say, "U.S. agrees to let Iraqi leaders negotiate in order to save the lives of the last of Sadr's goons. The United States agree to allow this instead of just killing each and every last one of them."

Via e-mail 

Friend of the blogosphere Daniel Aronstein send this along:

I watched the Kerry speech.

He's worse on WW4 than McGovern was on Vietnam!

And all this talk about what other countries feel about us!?!?!?!
Obviously he'd give Chirac and the UN a veto over our national interests.
He fails to see that our values are more important than alliances; that alliances which diminish our values and our ability to fight WW4 are not worth a thing.

Also Kerry said that TR said: "walk softly but carry a big stick", but TR said "SPEAK" softly .

In fact, according the the White House historian

"He liked to quote a favorite proverb, 'Speak softly and carry a big stick. . . . ' "
And Kerry quoted the self-avowed, openly communist poet again - L. Hughs - from an overtly communist poem again "let America be Amwerica" What's this mean!?!?!?

God help us, this man - who, through his lies, is more responsible for the Vietnam Syndrome than any other politician alive - must NOT be allowed to win.

Daniel Aronstein

That racist American Idol 

The only things I know about American Idol are what I learned from Professor Yin's blog, and that Elton John once said the voters were racist. That's because I never watch it because I would be bored stiff. I just looked at this year's winner, and I realized that, yes, it is a racist show.

Once again, the untalented white guy wins because of racial prejudice.

Laugh of the day 

Al Gore, after his speech yesterday.

Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Hey Democrats 

This is your party, summed up nicely by Al Gore. And this is why Kerry will not beat Bush. Blaming America is a sure failure.

More disturbing still was their frequent use of the word "dominance" to describe their strategic goal, because an American policy of dominance is as repugnant to the rest of the world as the ugly dominance of the helpless, naked Iraqi prisoners has been to the American people. Dominance is as dominance does.

Other than you leftist tossers, no one gives a shit about what the rest of the world thinks, because reasonable people know that the world only loves us when we are weak and we are dying.

There was then, there is now and there would have been regardless of what Bush did, a threat of terrorism that we would have to deal with. But instead of making it better, he has made it infinitely worse. We are less safe because of his policies. He has created more anger and righteous indignation against us as Americans than any leader of our country in the 228 years of our existence as a nation -- because of his attitude of contempt for any person, institution or nation who disagrees with him.

He has exposed Americans abroad and Americans in every U.S. town and city to a greater danger of attack by terrorists because of his arrogance, willfulness, and bungling at stirring up hornet's nests that pose no threat whatsoever to us. And by then insulting the religion and culture and tradition of people in other countries. And by pursuing policies that have resulted in the deaths of thousands of innocent men, women and children, all of it done in our name

I'll say it again. To accept this premise, you must accept that the terrorists were nice, law-abiding goat herders until Bush forced them into the life of murder and mayhem. Al also forgot to mention that the 9/11 hijackers entered this country started their training for their acts while he was Vice President. One more thing. Lost in this joke of a speech was this gem:

In December of 2000, even though I strongly disagreed with the decision by the U.S. Supreme Court to order a halt to the counting of legally cast ballots, I saw it as my duty to reaffirm my own strong belief that we are a nation of laws and not only accept the decision, but do what I could to prevent efforts to delegitimize George Bush as he took the oath of office as president.

The December of 2000 part is right, but every other word is pure bullshit.

From the "You Got Huge F'n Balls" Dep't 

Read this, and tell me what these 4 nations have in common:

Four nations propose Iraq resolution changes

UNITED NATIONS (May 26, 1:44 pm ADT) - Four key nations proposed major changes Wednesday to the U.S.-British draft resolution on Iraq, moves that would give the new Iraqi government the right to decide whether the multinational force remains in the country while limiting the force's mandate to January 2005.

A three-page proposal by China - which diplomats said was supported by Russia, France and Germany - would give the interim government that takes over on June 30 greater authority than the resolution introduced to the U.N. Security Council on Monday by Britain and the United States.

The proposal, obtained by The Associated Press, was submitted to council members Wednesday afternoon during a closed-door discussion of the U.S.-British draft.

You know the answer. Not one of them has lifted a finger to help us in Iraq. Let's break it down: China is basically a country of old school Commie assholes, who love to cause trouble. Germany is a pussyfied wimpy country full of government-dependent Socialists. France and Russia are trying to get us out of there before we discover too much about how they were bribed by Saddam.

With that being said, we should only address their concerns when they put boots on the ground and help out. If not, we should tell them to go scratch.

The 9th Circuit discovers the 10th Amendment!! 

Who'd have thunk it? The clowns at the 9th Circus have discovered that states have rights independent of the federal government. And why not? It provided a great opportunity to rip their boogeyman, John Ashcroft.

Court Backs Oregon's Assisted Suicide Law

SAN FRANCISCO - A federal appeals court ordered the Bush administration not to meddle with a state's assisted suicide law, ruling Wednesday that doctors in Oregon may prescribe lethal doses of medication to terminally ill patients.

Ruling on the nation's only law that allows doctors to assist in hastening the death of a patient, the court said U.S. Attorney General John Ashcroft cannot sanction or hold Oregon doctors criminally liable for prescribing overdoses, as the state's voter-approved Death With Dignity Act allows.

"The attorney general's unilateral attempt to regulate general medical practices historically entrusted to state lawmakers interferes with the democratic debate about physician assisted suicide," wrote Judge Richard Tallman in the 2-1 opinion by the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals. He said Ashcroft's action "far exceeds the scope of his authority under federal law."

Wow!! The will of the voters all of a sudden finds respect in the 9th Circus, too. This is a historic day.

For the record, I support the right to die with dignity, and the 9th Circuit was absolutely correct to rule this way. However, the breadth of their judicial activism is clear, as they once again are favoring their policy preferences.

A few years back, the State of Washington's power to prosecute doctors for assisting a suicide was upheld unanimously by the Supreme Court, WASHINGTON v. GLUCKSBERG, the court stated:

An examination of our Nation's history, legal traditions, and practices demonstrates that Anglo American common law has punished or otherwise disapproved of assisting suicide for over 700 years; that rendering such assistance is still a crime in almost every State; that such prohibitions have never contained exceptions for those whowere near death; that the prohibitions have in recent years been reexamined and, for the most part, reaffirmed in a number of States; and that the President recently signed the Federal Assisted Suicide Funding Restriction Act of 1997, which prohibits the use of federal funds in support of physician assisted suicide... In light of that history, this Court's decisions lead to the conclusion that respondents' asserted "right" to assistance in committing suicide is not a fundamental liberty interest protected by the Due Process Clause.

(Also, Vacco v. Quill, decided the same term, held that, "New York's prohibition on assisting suicide does not violate the Equal Protection Clause.")

I am not a lawyer yet, but it seems to me that there is some leeway for States to allow assisted suicide if they so choose. In my view, Oregon's voters are within their rights to allow it. What really pissed me off were the cheap shots at John Ashcroft, disguised as legal opinion. (i.e. the use of one the left's most-hated terms, "unilateral.") Ashcroft has acted properly, both legally and morally. It doesn't take Learned Hand to surmise that if a state is not violating the due process clause by banning assisted suicide, then the federal government is not violating it either.

Simply put, I disagree with Ashcroft's policy in this matter. But he is not in anyway acting improperly.

(By the way, wasn't Dr. Jack Kevorkian the scourge of the liberal media for assisting suicides in the 1990's? That's how I remember it.)

I love this 

Have you seen any of these scum?

I'd love to see more of this from the FBI. Let people see the scum we are dealing with. I'm sure that CAIR will complain about the "racial stereotypes" sooner or later.

This is beyond laughable 

It seems the New York times has decided to apologize...for not being anti-Bush enough.

NEW YORK (Reuters) - The New York Times acknowledged on Wednesday it had failed to adequately challenge information from Iraqi exiles who were determined to show Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction and overthrow him.

In an unusual note from the editors, "The Times and Iraq," the newspaper said it found a number of instances before the March 2003 U.S. and British invasion of Iraq and early in the occupation, of "coverage that was not as rigorous as it should have been."

The note said editors "should have been challenging reporters and pressing for more skepticism."

The Bush administration also has been faulted for relying on inaccurate or incomplete intelligence in asserting Saddam had an ongoing weapons program, a primary reason cited for the U.S.-led war in Iraq. No significant biological, chemical or nuclear weapons have been found.

Is the Times beyond parody or what? Plus, notice the last paragraph (emphasis added) and those tricks used. Saddam ciould have easily restarted his programs, which the times clearly knows. And, just look how they downplayed the sarin and mustard gas discoveries of the last few weeks. Pathetic.

Now, why are they doing this? I suspect two reasons: First, to do something to answer the non-stop criticism of their paper. This way, they can say, "We've addressed our problems." But, instead of addressing their serious bias issues, they instead make up some crap about the lack WMD skepticism, not naming names of who was responsible, of course. This way, none of their core readership is offended. After all, they were conned by the evil Bush. And, the added benefit is that they can say, "Hey we admitted our mistake, why hasn't Bush?"

Second, this is a setup for their inevitable endorsement of John Kerry, which they are bascially doing now anyway. But, since they know better than anyone that there is no Kerry platform they can support directly, their written endorsement will have to list the Bush "mistakes."

And, as expected, they left themselves an out in case more sarin gas bombs are discovered:

We consider the story of Iraq's weapons, and of the pattern of misinformation, to be unfinished business. And we fully intend to continue aggressive reporting aimed at setting the record straight.

Please. If the Times really wants to honestly assess the crap that was their Iraq War reporting, they need to talk about a lot more than this. There are 2 books that document the Times bullshit during the run-up to and the duration of the Iraq War, "Journalistic Fraud" by Bob Kohn, and "Off With Their Heads" by Dick Morris. I suggest you read them if you ever get the chance.

Here is the entire joke of a mea culpa by the Times.

Al Gore is insane 

If you did not hear or see Al Gore today, watch it here on C-SPAN.

Al Gore is clinically insane. I almost feel sorry for him. Obviously, he has not gotten over the 2000 election, and I doubt he ever will. And to think, he came thisclose to being the President. If 9/11 happened and he was the President, he would have done squat. I am convinced that Gore is upset that the man he lost to has had the guts to do what was and is necessary. C'mon, really. If Al Gore ever thought he could have beaten Bush in 2004, he would have kept his cool over the last 4 years and have tried again. I know this is dime-stroe psychology, but I suspect Al Gore is beyond himself because he doesn't feel that Bush should be President, and that deep down he knows that Bush will be re-elected, which is killing him.

Any reasonable Democrat (yeah, I know, that's an oxymoron) has got to be ashamed of Al Gore.

Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Yet, this is a top story to the AP 

They need to make sure you understand that Bush is creating terrorists. of course, to accept that, you must also accept that they did not exist before.

Report: al-Qaida Ranks Swelling Worldwide

LONDON - Far from being crippled by the U.S.-led war on terror, al-Qaida has more than 18,000 potential terrorists scattered around the world and the war in Iraq is swelling its ranks, a report said Tuesday.

Unlike the AP, the Democrat party, and liberals in general, the jihadists understand every bit as well as President Bush that this is the battle to determine the future. What makes me laugh is the number they cite, 18,000. If you had asked me yesterday about how many people al-Qaeda had, I would have answered, "Oh, I don't know, 50,000?" And, it gets better. Now, not only has Iraq caused more terrorism, Afghanistan has as well:

The report suggested that the two military centerpieces of the U.S.-led war on terror — the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq — may have boosted al-Qaida.

Driving the terror network out of Afghanistan in late 2001 appears to have benefited the group, which dispersed to many countries, making it almost invisible and hard to combat, the story said

This is pathetic reasoning, yet very typical. They are on the run. They didn't just pack up and set up shop elsewhere, continuing business as usual. And, as expected, the report acts as if diplomacy will send the al-Qaeda fighters back to their formerly productive lives.

Efforts to defeat al-Qaida will take time and might accelerate only if there are political developments that now seem elusive, such as the democratization of Iraq and the resolution of conflict in Israel, it said.

They seemed to forgotten the part that the only settlement acceptable to these scum is the eradication of Israel. Even then, they'll find a new target to blame for their worthless lives.

al-Qaeda cannot beat us. Only we can beat us. I fear for our future if John Kerry wins in November.

Professor Yin has a terrific take on this same article.

This is why... 

...Thomas Sowell is the brilliant, respected man that he is, and I can only write for this blog:

Liberals love to believe that they are just not getting their message out to the public, whether in this presidential campaign or on talk radio. In both cases, the problem is that their real message won't sell and the phony message that they try to sell is seen as being as phony as it is.

Sharp, simple, and to the point, in about 100 fewer words than a lesser writer can convey the same message.

Stanley Cup Finals 

Since I had problems with Blogger, I was unable to get my Finals prediction on the record. Now, since Calgary dominated Tampa Bay tonight, I'll look like a bandwagon jumper, but, so be it. The Flames in 6. Here's why: The Flyers softened up Tampa Bay, and Tampa Bay is not as good as the press they get. Calgary on the other hand, is being dismissed as nothing, despite that they beat all 3 of the top 3 seeds in the West, who all had over 100 points in the regular saeson. Plus, Calgary's captain, Jarome Ignila, is a winner, and has always has been. Just so you know, Ignila is my favorite player and has been for a while now. Yes, even more than any Flyer. If this guy played in a bigger U.S.-based market, he'd be a mega-star. I love the guy.

Watch the highlights here, and make sure you, if you haven't seen it, pay special attention to Iginla's second effort on his shorthanded goal. he is the best player in the world today, and I am praying that I get to see him hold the Stanley Cup over his head in a week or so.

Flames in 6.

Where's the media today? 

They must have starting the Memorial Day holiday weekend quite early, or they are being their usual biased selves. (I'll let you decide which.) Otherwise they'd be making a big deal out of two stories that should have been huge today:

Tests confirm presence of sarin in artillery shell in Iraq: Pentagon

WASHINGTON (AFP) - Comprehensive testing has confirmed that a 155mm artillery shell discovered in Iraq earlier this month contained the deadly nerve agent sarin, a Pentagon spokesman said.

"Further testing has revealed that it was indeed sarin," said Lieutenant Colonel Barry Venable. "We're looking at what new risks this poses to our operations and people in Iraq," he said.

Since this doesn't conform to the "Bush lied" and "there was no WMD" memes that have been forced down our throats, this story is getting zero traction. But, the excuses are rampant. Now, it's "there are still no stockpiles" and this weapon "wasn't effective" anyway. I guess we'll need to lose a few thousand more people for anyone to care.

And, today President Bush met with the 7 Iraqis who hand their right hands severed by Saddam and his minions, and had new prosthetic hands attached by a Houston doctor. (I saw them on C-SPAN today but the video is not available on the C-SPAN website) These men are the subject of a documnetary by filmmaker Don North, who has been unable to get any U.S. network to show it. In fact, only Fox News (of course) mentioned it, as well as a few newspapers like the Houston Chronicle, Anchorage Daily News, and the Asbury Park Press. Joe Scarborough, to his credit, discussed it last night on his show on MSNBC. The Chicago Tribune buried the story, mentioning their meeting with Bush late in the article, but not until after the obligatory Abu Gharib prison scandal mention.

People can't be shown the brutality of Saddam first hand now, can they? They might be tempted to support Bush more. The press can't let that happen, truth be damned.

Problems here 

Blogger has given me and a ton of other blogs a lot of trouble over the last day or so but it seems to have been fixed. I'll try to get back to normal here.

Monday, May 24, 2004

Open thread on Bush speech 

Please comment early and often on your impressions of Bush's speech tonight.

More on that "wedding" 

I just love how the AP takes the word of scum at face value yet acts as if our people are lying bastards with an agenda:

U.S. Says Iraq Attack Site Wasn't Wedding

BAGHDAD, Iraq - The U.S. military introduced more photographs Monday to bolster its contention that American aircraft attacked a safehouse for foreign fighters near the Syrian border — not a wedding party, as claimed by Iraqi survivors and police and suggested by footage from the scene.

The military presented its case at a news conference while elsewhere in the capital, the widow of a popular Baghdad wedding singer who was among up to 45 people killed in Wednesday's attack said "he was an example of beauty."

"He had a warm voice," Khawla Ibrahim said of her 37-year-old late husband, Hussein al-Ali. "They always played his songs on the radio."

Hussein al-Ali? Wasn't his name Nazar al-Khalid just last week? Talk about having zero shame or integrity.

Brig. Gen. Mark Kimmitt, the coalition deputy chief of staff for operations in Iraq, introduced several new photographs Monday — those of a house and white powder he said was being tested for drugs.

Kimmitt again showed pictures of items the military said it found at the attack site, including machine guns, rounds of ammunition, a Sudan Airways plane ticket, medical gear, a Sudanese passport and battery packs associated with improvised explosive devises.

"These are pictures that are somewhat inconsistent in my mind with a wedding party," Kimmitt said. "One could say, yes, it is true that out in the desert you need to have a rifle to protect yourself against Ali Baba but the necessity for rocket-propelled launchers, rocket launchers in the bottom, special machine guns may be a little much for Ali Baba out there."

So, let's connect the dots that the AP and their liberal ilk don't want to. Sudan ordered Syria a month or so ago to get take their WMD's back home. (Sudan was also Osama bin Laden's hangout for a long time too.) The joint we destroyed was right along the Syria-Iraq border, and was a house for foreign fighters. The AP is staying on the "wedding" lie because they don't want people to put two and two together, which makes our mission look even more justified than it already is.

Gee, I was shocked to read this 

I just came across this over at Little Green Footballs. Haven't I been saying this?

Official IDF Source Confirms: Have Photos of Palestinians Killing 2 Palestinian Children

An official IDF source confirmed Amir Orens' 21 May story this afternoon to
IMRA that two Palestinian children who died in the Rafah procession incident
were murdered by Palestinian gunmen and that the IDF photographed the

The official IDF source explained that the pictures have not been released
to the media because information derived from the photographs would
compromise security in the field at this time.

If those photos ever got released, I'll bet the media would be all over it....accusing Israel of faking them.

Where's the ACLU? 

A man was fired from his job in Alabama because he refused to take off a pin that had Koran verses written on it. The ACLU was immediately outrag...uh, what was that? it was a Christian wearing a pin with the 10 Commandments on it? Never mind, the ACLU just ain't interested.

Ten Commandments pin uproar stirs debate on religion at work

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. - Debate over on-the-job religious speech has been fueled by the firing of a Hoover Chamber of Commerce employee for refusing to remove a Ten Commandments lapel pin.

Christopher Word said he started wearing the lapel pin daily in January. He recruited new business for the chamber.

Chamber Executive Director Bill Powell noticed the pin in March and asked Word to remove it. Powell said either Word or the pin had to go. Word refused to remove it and lost his job. The chamber's attorney said Word had been making "political statements" at his job and the chamber isn't against religion.

Perhaps he should have worn a rainbow pin that said "Fuck all heterosexuals." He would have had his job back in an hour, if he even lost it at all.

[Hat tip: Right Wing and Right Minded]

Bush's speech tonight 

The reports of it have already been written. Only some of the details need to be filled in. We'll be reading things like,

"Bush failed to convince," "Bush, rocked from the Abu prison scandal," "responding to his drop in the polls," "answered criticism," etc.

No matter what, the liberal media will hate it.

Sunday, May 23, 2004

Graduation tomfoolery 

2 stories supplied via e-mail by regular reader Brendan:

First, he states, "Berkeley (or is it Bezerkeley)" and then says this to me:

I know you're a budding law student (good luck, btw), bur please never follow the example of these preening, arrogant little shits. Did they ever don armbands to protest Saddam's cruelty/torture?

My friend, I already know that I will be one of the few conservatives in law school, and I don't care one whit. I have Emily, Stephanie, and a great family and a few very loyal friends. That's all I need. On to the story he sent:

Berkeley Professor Denounced for POW Memo

BERKELEY, Calif. - Some graduating University of California law students used their commencement Saturday to denounce a professor who helped the Bush administration develop a legal framework that critics say led to the abuse of Iraqi prisoners.

About one-quarter of the 270 graduates of Berkeley's Boalt School of Law donned red armbands over their black robes in a silent protest of a legal memo law professor John Yoo co-wrote when he served in the U.S. Justice Department's Office of Legal Counsel.

Outside the ceremony, they also passed out fliers denouncing Yoo for "aiding and abetting war crimes." Yoo said beforehand he didn't plan to attend the graduation.

"I respect freedom of thought, but I think he should abide by some basic moral standard," said Andrea Ruiz, 35, one of the armband-wearing students. "Respect for human persons is at the core of what the law is about."

A future ACLU shyster, no doubt. Ruiz is correct in principle. However, she fails to understand that we are dealing with scum who would gas Berkeley in a second if they could.

A petition signed by nearly 200 law students and alumni since Thursday alleges that Yoo's memo "contributed directly to the reprehensible violation of human rights in Iraq and elsewhere."

"We're embarrassed that he's at our institution," said law student Abby Reyes, who launched the petition. "We came to law school in order to uphold the rule of law, not to learn ways to wiggle our way out of compliance with it."

That sounds so nice, doesn't it? However, I wonder if any of them actually read the memo that Professor Yoo wrote. If they did, they might have discovered that he was arguing on established legal precedent. Since they don't agree with it, it isn't law. Typical liberalism at it's core.

And, then there's this:

Author booed for anti-Bush remarks

E.L. Doctorow, one of the most celebrated writers in America, was nearly booed off the stage at Hofstra University Sunday when he gave a commencement address lambasting President George W. Bush and effectively calling him a liar.

Booing that came mainly from the crowd in the stands became so intense that Doctorow stopped speaking at one point, showing no emotion as he stood silently and listened to the jeers. Hofstra President Stuart Rabinowitz intervened, and called on the audience to allow him to finish. He did, although some booing persisted.

Doctorow, who spent virtually all of his 20-minute address in Hempstead criticizing Bush, told the crowd that like himself the president is a storyteller. But "sadly they are not good stories this president tells," he said. "They are not good stories because they are not true." That line provoked the first boos, along with scattered cheers.

Note to Doctorow: Ragtime sucked. Someone also needs to tell him that the anti-Bush talking points have already fallen apart:

"One story he told was that the country of Iraq had nuclear and biological and chemical weapons of mass destruction and was intending shortly to use them on us," he said. "That was an exciting story all right, it was designed to send shivers up our spines. But it was not true.

"Another story was that the Iraqi dictator, Saddam Hussein, was in league with the terrorists of al-Qaida," he said. "And that turned out to be not true. But anyway we went off to war on the basis of these stories."

Those lines provoked an outburst of boos so loud the "Ragtime" author stopped the speech. Rabinowitz approached the podium and called for calm. "We value open discussion and debate," he said. "For the sake of your graduates, please let him finish."

Some students and most of the faculty responded with a standing ovation, and Doctorow resumed speaking. He attacked Bush for giving the rich tax breaks, doing "a very poor job of combating terrorism" and allowing the government to subpoena libraries "to see what books you've been taking out."

Let's see: Bush never said an attack was imminent, only that we should not wait until that point. al-Qaeda is all over Iraq, and the library book meme is crap. (Funny, liberals never sya that the government has had that power for a long time. They used the Unabomber's library records at his trial, for example. Bush wasn't President then.)

Bottom line: The Bush hatred just isn't out there, no matter how much the liberals in the media and beyond want us to think otherwise.

More of the same 

The latest anti-American headline from the AP:

Morgue Records Show 5,500 Iraqis Killed

BAGHDAD, Iraq - More than 5,500 Iraqis died violently in just Baghdad and three provinces in the first 12 months of the occupation, an Associated Press survey found. The toll from both criminal and political violence ran dramatically higher than violent deaths before the war, according to statistics from morgues.

There are no reliable figures for places like Fallujah and Najaf that have seen surges in fighting since early April.

Indeed, there is no precise count for Iraq (news - web sites) as a whole on how many people have been killed, nor is there a breakdown of deaths caused by the different sorts of attacks. The U.S. military, the occupation authority and Iraqi government agencies say they don't have the ability to track civilian deaths.

But the AP survey of morgues in Baghdad and the provinces of Karbala, Kirkuk and Tikrit found 5,558 violent deaths recorded from May 1, 2003, when President Bush declared an end to major combat operations, to April 30. Officials at morgues for three more of Iraq's 18 provinces either didn't have numbers or declined to release them.

The AP's survey was not a comprehensive compilation of the nationwide death toll, but was a sampling intended to assess the levels of violence. Figures for violent deaths in the months before the war showed a far lower rate.

I just love the term violent deaths. What does that mean? It could mean crime victims, for example, as Iraq isn't exactly, say, Butte, Montana. It could mean Iraqi insurgents, Ba'ath Party remnants, and terrorists that our fine military sent to Allah. I could mean a whole slew of things. But that doesn't matter. We are supposed to feel sorry for those poor Iraqis.

Shockingly, the AP actually puts this in context:

That doesn't mean Iraq is a more dangerous place than during Saddam Hussein's regime. At least 300,000 people were murdered by security forces and buried in mass graves during the dictator's 23-year rule, U.S. officials say, and human rights workers put the number closer to 500,000.

Here's all the context you need: Let's just say that every single one of those 5,000 deaths was an innocent Iraqi. (even though I'd bet the number was no more 1,000 civilian deaths) It will only take the anywhere from 60-100 years for as many to die violently as did under Saddam.

No bias here 

You just gotta love the AP. They stay all over an important story and breathlessly bring you developments as they happen, just as long as they an anti-American. Sarin gas attack? No follow up. Berg beheaded? They couldn't give a damn. Mustard gas discovered? They have no idea it happened. But, if the AP can accuse Americans of needlessly killing "innocent" people, why let the facts het in the way of a good story? Get this headline:

AP: Video Shows Iraq Wedding Celebration

That is undeniable. The tape does show a wedding. But, is it the one they say we attacked? Of course not.

RAMADI, Iraq - A videotape obtained Sunday by Associated Press Television News captures a wedding party that survivors say was later attacked by U.S. planes early Wednesday, killing up to 45 people. The dead included the cameraman, Yasser Shawkat Abdullah, hired to record the festivities, which ended Tuesday night before the planes struck.

"There was no evidence of a wedding: no decorations, no musical instruments found, no large quantities of food or leftover servings one would expect from a wedding celebration," Brig. Gen. Mark Kimmitt said Saturday. "There may have been some kind of celebration. Bad people have celebrations, too."

But video that APTN shot a day after the attack shows fragments of musical instruments, pots and pans and brightly colored beddings used for celebrations, scattered around the bombed out tent.

Yeah, OK. Whatever the AP says. The first papragraph syas the vidoe guy was whacked. Then later, they say a video shot the day after is proof. Then, they say there is video of them driving through the desert going to the celebration. Convenient, isn't it? They have film from before the party, the camerman was killed, so no footage of the party, and video shot a day later, with easily plantiable crap, as the sum of their proof. Only the AP and American-haters have the uncommon ability to ignore all these facts and believe that our soldiers wantonly attacked a wedding.

Today's howler 

From our old friend Thomas Friedman:

Unfortunately, such bizarre warnings could be the first of many, because while we have not found any W.M.D. in Iraq, we have found there a disturbing number of P.M.D.'s — people of mass destruction.

I guess Friedman missed reading, in his own paper, William Safire's recent column complaining about the media ignoring the sarin nerve gas find.

Also, Friedman "doesn't know" who is responsible for the 50-75 suicide bombings over the last year. Note to Tommy: "They" are dupes for people all over the Middle East, i.e. Syria, Iran, Saudi Arabia and more, who cannot survive if a thriving free country exists in their midst.

I don't know he does it 

For a dope, President Bush surely knows how to manage his time like no other man who ever lived. When he isn't starving children, killing innocent Iraqis, violating Saddam Hussein's rights, locking up hundreds of peaceful Muslims, destroying the environment, lining the pockets of his rich oil cronies, returning women's rights back to the stone age, destroying the entire education system, and causing the worst economy since the Great Depression, Bush is out in the desert killing Mexican illegals crossing the borders. How do I know this? Why, it's all in the New York Times:

Border Desert Proves Deadly for Mexicans

COVERED WELLS, Ariz., May 20 — At the bottleneck of human smuggling here in the Sonoran Desert, illegal immigrants are dying in record numbers as they try to cross from Mexico into the United States in the wake of a new Bush administration amnesty proposal that is being perceived by some migrants as a magnet to cross.

Can you believe the balls of the Times? This is the same paper who thinks we should let everyone in without delay or mere inconvenience. Perhaps they are upset that we just don't fire everyone from the border patrol and declare open borders. Unreal that the alleged "paper of record" is trying to pin these deaths on Bush. Did it ever occur to them that if those "poor" Mexicans stayed at home, they'd be alive today? And, if Bush has destroyed this country like the Times alleges every day, don't you think that once in a while an American would die in the desert trying to escape to Mexico or dorwn trying to raft into Cuba?

Note to the Times: I've lived in Arizona for a few years now, arriving while Clinton was still President. People were dying in the desert back then too.

Just as suspected 

That so-called "wedding party" where our soldiers supposedly murdered children was, as I and many others suspected, was a crock.

Coalition: Target not a wedding

A senior coalition military spokesman said Saturday that dozens of people killed in a U.S. attack in the Iraqi desert early Wednesday were attending a high-level meeting of foreign fighters, not a wedding. Photos shown to reporters in Baghdad support that contention.

Brig. Gen. Mark Kimmitt said six women were among the dead, but he said there was no evidence any children died in the raid near the Syrian border. Coalition officials have said as many as 40 people were killed.

Kimmitt said video showing dead children killed was actually recorded in Ramadi, far from the attack scene.

"There may have been some kind of celebration," Kimmitt said. "Bad people have celebrations too. Bad people have parties too."

Kimmitt said troops did not find anything -- such as a wedding tent, gifts, musical instruments, decorations or leftover food -- that would indicate a wedding had been held.

Most of the men there were of military age, and there were no elders present to indicate a family event, he said.

What was found, he said, indicated the building was used as a way station for foreign fighters crossing into Iraq from Syria to battle the coalition.

"The building seemed to be somewhat of a dormitory," Kimmitt said. "You had over 300 sets of bedding gear in it. You had a tremendous number of pre-packaged clothing -- apparently about a hundred sets of pre-packaged clothing.

Let's see if this new evidence gets as much attention. I won't be holding my breath.

Saturday, May 22, 2004

More on that 3 year old Palestinian 

Show the Nick Berg beheading, or his kilers holding his head in his hand? No way, too shocking says the liberal media. But, a dead 3-year old girl, no problem. I will not show the picture of her, but it is available here.

Now, what's the difference between the two? Simple. To the media, a dead Jew is a good Jew, but they can't show it because Americans may hate Arabs and understand what kind of scum we are dealing with after seeing it. But, a dead child that will make people hate Israel and Jews even more than they already do is par for the course.

Ain't This The Truth 

Uh, that isn't entirely accurate 

Saturday, May 22, 2004
Associated Press

Karbala Cools Down

KARBALA, Iraq — Officials with Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Husseini al-Sistani and anti-U.S. cleric Muqtada al-Sadr said Saturday that militiamen and U.S. forces had agreed to stop fighting in Karbala, a holy city where the two adversaries have engaged in intense battles in recent days.

I'm sure those AC 130 gunships pounding the hell out of the place had nothing to do with it. If the story was reported accurately, it would say, "U.S. agrees to stop killing al-Sadr's goons."

And then there's this 

Those Palestinians really love the U.N., don't they?

RAFAH, Gaza Strip (Reuters) - Dozens of Palestinians, angry over Israel's bloodiest raid in the Gaza Strip in years, smashed the windows of a U.N. car Saturday and mobbed a shipment of humanitarian aid.

"Where have you been?" one man screamed as others pounded on the cars in the U.N. convoy as it entered a sealed-off neighborhood in Rafah refugee camp to survey damage and deliver aid supplies, including powdered milk.

In the Tel al-Sultan neighborhood, witnesses said the army pulled out its armored vehicles but continued to cut off access roads to the rest of the camp, and had left residents without power or running water for days.

The U.N. must be run by the Zionists. Yeah, that's it. That's why the convoys were attacked.

Read this closely 

The top headline right now on AP:

Child Shot in Gaza As Incursion Continues

RAFAH, Gaza Strip - A 3-year-old Palestinian girl was shot dead Saturday as a senior U.N. official toured a battle-scarred refugee camp where Israeli troops continue the hunt for weapons-smuggling tunnels and militants...

A 3-year-old girl was killed Saturday in the Brazil neighborhood while Hansen's delegation was in the area. Relatives said Rawan Mohammed Abu Zeid was killed by a gunshot to the head as she walked to a shop to buy candy.

"We were playing in the house when she told me she wanted some candy," said her brother Diyab Abu Zeid, 19, crying uncontrollably on the telephone. "The older kids in the neighborhood were going to the store so I let her go with them.

"There was no one in the street but the kids, not even other adults," he added

Read the entire article. Nowhere does it say Israeli soldiers killed her, or quotes anyone accusing them of doing so. The story is wrapped around the main story about how Israel is conducting raids and destroying houses. This being the AP, we are meant to think that Israeli soldiers killed her, while the AP can deny that they said it, and it is not their fault what readers infer.

Do I think Palestinians shot her for propaganda purposes? You're damn right I do, until I see evidence telling me otherwise. And the word of a Gaza cab driver doesn't cut it with me.

Bush falls off bike 

President Bush fell off his bike. So what? But get this blurb from Drudge:

President fell off bike today... Kerry told reporters in front of cameras, 'Did the training wheels fall off?'... Reporters are debating whether to treat it is as on or off the record... Developing...

The only thing the reporters are doing is figuring out whether showing Kerry saying that hurts him or not. If they decide that it does, they'll bury it. But, they won't mention Kerry falling down and saying "I don't fall. That son of a bitch knocked me down."

Look at how the AP covered for Kerry:

Earlier this month, Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry took a spill from his bicycle while riding with Secret Service agents through Concord, Mass., about 18 miles north of Boston. Kerry fell when his bike hit a patch of sand. He was not injured.

Told about Bush's mishap, Kerry said, "I hope he's OK. I didn't know the president rode a bike."

Kerry, a real classy guy. I don't give a damn about the ups and downs of the polls. No way America elects this guy over Bush. None.

Via e-mail 

A regular e-mailer sent this:

Can we finally drop the pretense that these assholes are our friends?

He was talking about the French, and he sent this link:

'Fahrenheit 9/11' Wins Cannes' Top Prize

CANNES, France - American filmmaker Michael Moore's "Fahrenheit 9/11," a scathing indictment of White House actions after the Sept. 11 attacks, won the top prize Saturday at the Cannes Film Festival.

"Fahrenheit 9/11" was the first documentary to win Cannes' prestigious Palme d'Or since Jacques Cousteau's "The Silent World" in 1956.

Someone could have made video of a horse shitting on a Bush/Cheney '04 sign, and it would have won. Poor Jacques Costeau, being mentioned in the same breat at that fat slob Michael Moore. Unlike Moore, Costeau made documentaries that not only contributed to the entire world, they were actually true!!

I won't see this movie, but I am sure when it is released the blogosphere will fisk it to no end.

F Tom Daschle 

Oh, the liberal media is crying foul for the poor democrats again:

South Dakota Senate Race Ensnarls Leaders

RAPID CITY, S.D. - Shattering precedent, Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist campaigned for the defeat of his Democratic counterpart on Saturday, depicting Sen. Tom Daschle as a polarizing figure at home and an obstructionist thwarting President Bush's agenda in Congress.

How dare Frist go to South Dakota and tell the electorate exactly what kind of tool that Daschle is? And, most hilariously, take a look at whar Democrat they go to in order to get a quote complaing about the "incivility" of Frist campaigning against Daschle.

One Democrat took exception to Frist's politicking.

"What has become of civility? ... It used to be unheard of for Senate leaders to seek an active role against each other in campaigns," said Sen. Robert C. Byrd of West Virginia, who has served for more than 45 years and led his party for a dozen of them. "That time has gone," he lamented.

Look at that. Robert "KKK" Byrd is, to them, an appropriate figure to discuss civility.

Watch the video on this page. (Video link in top left hand corner, titled "Bush Congress Reaction.") This is the moment that Daschle will forever regret, the moment that will cost him re-election.

After that, watch this video clip. (Titled "Daschle Blasts Bush over Iraq.") Bush is at the top of his game, and they only show it for 3-4 seconds, then they give Daschle and that old coot Robert Byrd well over a minute, despite that they are being their usual pathetic selves. You can just feel the bias.

Daschle is in the wrong state to backstab President Bush like he has done. All of his recent nice words about Bush will mean nothing. People in South Dakota know the Daschle is representing the Democratic Party, not them, and he will get ousted in November for it, you watch.

This says it all 

Line of the day 

From Mark Kilmer:

"I accepted the nomination at the Democratic National Convention in July before I didn't not accept the nomination at the Democratic National Convention in July."

The campaign finance reform is really working out well, isn't it? Think of the logic trail here. Then it was, "Money makes campaigns unfair, so we need to change the rules." Now, it's, "The money is making this campaign unfair, so I need to go around the rules." So, thanks to those old geezers at the Supreme Court, allowing a blantant First Amendment violation pass constitutional muster, the only people stuck with following the rules are us, who can't run any ads within 60 days of the election.

If Bush tried this, we'd never hear the end of it.

Friday, May 21, 2004

Yeah, the French are morally superior 

Read this harrowing account from a prisoner:

'It starts off by being stripped naked in front of 10 police officers including two women, gratutious humiliation is used to break you down.' '... worst jail that you can possibly imagine.' 'Not even a hole to go to the bathroom. You have to piss against a wall and you sleep in piss on the concrete floor.' The torture victim demands 'the immediate shutdown of this secret underground prison'.

A prison in Iraq? Guantanamo Bay? No, in Marseille, France.

Lawyer released 

In fairness, I should post this:

Ore. Lawyer Held in Spain Attack Released

PORTLAND, Ore. - A lawyer who was arrested two weeks ago in connection with the terror attacks in Spain was set free Thursday after evidence pointed to another suspect in the deadly train bombings.

Brandon Mayfield's release came soon after Spanish officials said fingerprints found on a bag near the bombing site were that of an Algerian. U.S. authorities had previously said the prints were Mayfield's. The bag contained detonators similar to those used in the March 11 bombings, which killed 191 people and injured 2,000 others

The left's new hero. Watch this guy come out of the woodwork everytime someone gets charged with aiding terrorists.

Iraq = Vietnam again in the NY Times 

And, as the Times does better than anyone, they make it a race issue too. Just look at this headline for Bob herbert's column. (If you have read this blog for a while, then you know I think Herbert is the worst NY Times columnist. Yes, even worse than Dowd and Krugman.)

'Gooks' to 'Hajis'

Now what is his latest crap about? Hard to figure from this headline, but it is a sympathetic portrait of a gutless deserter named Camilo Mejia. (I'm surprised that Herbert did not find a way to use Mejia's ethnicity as a crutch.) There's even a hearsay story about some American mercilessly killing a child.

Read this crap if you want, but I am only going to quote the last sentence of Herbert's column:

Whatever the outcome of Sergeant Mejia's court-martial, he has made a contribution to the truth about Iraq.

Which is something that Herbert and his newspaper have yet to do.

Read this closely 

This AP article is beyond sad. First the headline:

U.S. Planes, Tanks Hit Militia in Karbala

Now, read the first papragraph:

KARBALA, Iraq - American AC-130 gunships and tanks battled militiamen near shrines in this Shiite holy city Friday, and fighting was heavy in two other towns south of Baghdad. More than 450 Iraqis were released from the notorious Abu Ghraib jail — some emerging with fresh claims of abuse.

Huh? I thought this article was about the fighting.

And, look at the writer's name:

By FISNIK ABRASHI, Associated Press Writer

Who are these people that the AP is employing? Did it ever cross anyone's mind that they could be Ba'athist or al-Qaeda propagandists?

Ode to Keith Primeau 

First, look at the back page of the Philly Daily News today:

After the way Keith Primeau played last night, as well as the way he has played during these playoffs, I wanted to kiss him too.

I have never been much of a Primeau fan. He has never been as good as advertised, and my buddy Joel and I used to joke that he would always "almost" score. (The Mike Mamula of hockey, too. If you are an Eagles fan, you know what I mean. If not, then here's why: Mike Mamula always "almost" made the sack, and "almost" made the play. He was always just short.) However, during this post-season, Primeau has played like a true leader, a man possessed, dare I say, like a Mark Messier. (Brandon, before you rip me for this, remember I am not saying he is Messier. Primeau needs to win 6 Cups to earn that comparison)

I cannot convey to you how much I want the Flyers to win the Cup. I really believe that if they win tomorrow night, they will beat the Calgary Flames in 6 games. Additionally, I actually believe the Hockey Gods favor the Flyers, and I really think they will win tomorrow night, a feeling I never had during the Eric Lindros years. The Flyers will win Game 7 tomorrow night. You watch.

Let's Go Fly-ers!!!

This made my day 

[Hat tip: Buzznet MoBlog]

I love and hate headlines like this 

From the AP:

18 Killed in Heavy Fighting in Karbala

I love it because I know, as an AP watcher, that all of the 18 killed were scumbag Arab/terrorists/Muslim extremists/not our fine soldiers. If they were Americans that were killed, the headline would scream it at us.

I hate it because people too lazy to read beyond headlines will likely think we lost 18 more people, making them think that things are getting worse and worse. (Don't think for a second the AP headline writers and editors don't count on this.) And, if people actually read the article, I hate that the 18 vermin killed are treated as morally equivalent to our soldiers. F them. I would not be one bit upset if we killed than many an hour, 24 hours a day.

KARBALA, Iraq - American tanks and AC-130 gunships pounded insurgent positions near two shrines in the center of the holy city of Karbala early Friday, and the U.S. military said it killed 18 fighters loyal to rebel cleric Muqtada al-Sadr.

Gee, I thought I read and heard just yesterday about how Sadr got and was continuing to get the best of our military. We all know that our fine soldiers could kill every last one of them in an hour if we wanted to. Unlike those savages, we care about the people caught in the middle, and do not want to needlessly kill innocents.

And, don't you just love how everyplace is a "holy" city? May I live long enough to read about how the Palestinians bombed a bus in the holy city of Jerusalem. Karbala, Najaf, and I forget the others....exactly how many "holy" cities does Iraq have?

The fighting began after insurgents fired rocket-propelled grenades at U.S. tanks patrolling Karbala's so-called "Old City," said U.S. Army Col. Pete Mansoor of the 1st Armored Division.

The tanks returned fire, and more than two hours of heavy fighting followed. Smoke billowed from burning buildings. A rebel weapons cache was hit, the military said.

Much of the fighting was near the city's Imam Hussein and Imam Abbas shrines, which U.S. forces allege are being used by militiamen as firing positions or protective cover. Mansoor said the shrines were not damaged.

The military says it is doing its best to avoid damage to the gold-domed shrines. Al-Sadr, who launched an uprising against the U.S.-led occupation of Iraq last month, has accused U.S. forces of desecrating holy sites, and hitting the shrines would likely infuriate Shiite Muslims not involved in the conflict

Who gives a shit about those places? Level them all.

The dead included a driver for a camera crew of the Al-Jazeera television network, the station reported.

Rashid Hamid Wali, 40, died while assisting a crew from the Qatar-based network that was filming the clashes from a hotel roof shortly after midnight, said Ahmed al-Sheikh, the network's news editor in Qatar.

It was unclear who was responsible

It may be unclear who was responsible, but let me make it perfectly clear that I won't shed one tear for anyone from al-Jizbag-Zeera.

Memo to Bush: Victory is a winning campaign platform. Keep pounding Sadr and all of his goons. Give them what they love: Death.

Thursday, May 20, 2004

More on the Conservatives don't support Bush meme 

This time from Robert Novak:

Bush's shaky base

WASHINGTON -- During George W. Bush's keynote address to the 40th anniversary black-tie banquet of the American Conservative Union (ACU) last week, diners rose repeatedly to applaud the president's remarks. But one man kept his seat through the 40-minute oration. It was no liberal interloper but conservative stalwart Donald Devine.

As ACU vice chairman, Devine was privileged to be part of a pre-dinner head-table reception with President Bush. However, Devine chose not to shake hands with the president. Furthermore, he is one of about 20 percent of Republicans that polls classify as not committed to voting for Bush's re-election.

The conventional wisdom portrays the latest Zogby Poll's 81 percent of Republican voters committed to Bush as reflecting extraordinary loyalty to the president by the GOP base. Actually, when nearly one out of five Republicans cannot flatly say they support Bush, that could spell defeat in a closely contested election. When Don Devine is among those one out of five, it signifies that the president's record does not please all conservatives.

Novak is a dope for writing this crap. First off, one example, no matter who it is, is not a trend. Second, as a man who was written about politics for many years, he should know that this is a typical interest group, whether liberal or conservative, election-year tactic. They act like they are not with the program, in order to be courted and not ignored or taken for granted. Novak knows that there is no way any of Bush's base will run to Kerry, yet doesn't let the facts or what he knows to get in the way of the story he wants out there:

Bush's saving grace for the 2004 election may be John Kerry. In the end, I am sure Don Devine will cast his ballot for George W. Bush, if only because the alternative is noxious. How many of the rest of that 19 percent of non-Bush voting Republicans in the Zogby Poll will fall in line may determine the outcome Nov. 2. That is the importance of Devine's little sit-down strike.

His last paragraph destroys the premise of his column. We deserve better from a man like Novak.

Good comedy 

For my comic needs, I usually go to one of the three places: Scrappleface, The Onion, and the New York Times Correction page. Here's their latest laugher.

An article on Monday about the 50th anniversary of the Supreme Court ruling that ended school segregation misstated a word in a paraphrase from President Bush, who attended a ceremony in Topeka, Kan. He called for a continuing battle to end racial inequality — not equality. (Go to Article)

Tak about a Freudian slip, or a delibarate one. How could any editor allow this to get by in the first place. If Bush actually said or hinted that we need to end racial equality, it would be front-page news from Maine to San Diego. But, then again, we all know the Times M.O.

Get these other laughers from the original article:

"On this day, in this place, we remember with gratitude the good souls who saw a great wrong, and stood their ground, and won their case," Mr. Bush said to a mostly white audience in an unusually brief speech of 12 minutes, which is about one-third the length of his standard stump speech. "And we celebrate a milestone in the history of our glorious nation."

Gee, no bias there. I would have flunked Journalism 301 if I editorialized like that.

"As far as we've come, we still have not met the promise of Brown," Mr. Kerry said on a cool, gray spring day. "We have not met the promise of Brown when one-third of all African-American children are living in poverty. We have not met the promise of Brown when only 50 percent of African-American men in New York City have a job. We have not met the promise of Brown when nearly 20 million black and Hispanic Americans don't have basic health insurance."

I thought Brown was about school desgregation. I didn't know it was a jobs or health care program too. One more part to spin your head at:

The commemoration brought the two candidates into unusually close contact, albeit in a Republican state that almost surely will not be in play this year. Accordingly, their visits were brief; Mr. Kerry flew off for Oregon, to campaign with Howard Dean, the former Vermont governor, in one of the truly contested states this fall, while Mr. Bush flew to Atlanta, where he was expected to raise $3.2 million for the Republican Party at a fund-raiser at the home of Bob Nardelli, the chief executive of Home Depot.

See that? Earlier, the writer implied that because it was a race thing that made Bush come and go. Now, he suggests that both Bush and Kerry were brief because of the lack of political importance. Where was the mention that Kerry's talk was a lot shorter than his usual stump snoozer? And, notice it was made sure that we all knew that Kerry was going to merely campaign with fellow man-of-the-people Howard Dean, while Bush was going to yet another multi-million dollar fundraiser. A garbage rag of a paper, pure and simple.

My only question is... 

...what took so long?

US to turn gays away from sperm banks

WASHINGTON (AFP) - The US government said it would ban homosexuals from making anonymous donations to sperm banks, in the name of preventing transmittable diseases, in a move swiftly condemned by gay rights groups.

That is the problem with gay rights groups: they put politics over reality. They can try all they want, the homosexual lifestyle is an inherent health risk.

"This new rule was developed with input from many concerned consumers, associations and tissue establishments. In all cases, we carefully considered the comments we received in the proposed rule and made changes in the final rule when the science supported the change," said Acting FDA commissioner Lester Crawford.

But homosexual rights groups slammed the move.

"The FDA guidelines are unscientific. There is a 72 hour test which would provide information as to whether a person was HIV positive, we know that even the International Red Cross accepts blood from men who have sex with men," said Roberta Sklar, spokesperson for the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force.

"This is another instance of the Bush administration ignoring scientific information and putting forth their own agenda to satisfy the extreme right wing conservative voters. It does not take in current scientific findings and recommendations.

Uh, no. First off, the Red Cross has become a hack left wing group, and has no business accepting blood from homosexuals. Second, it isn't Bush ignoring scientific information, it is the homosexual groups. Besides, just like that global warming crap, science is manipulated for political ends.

Think about how far gay rights groups have come. They are reduced to complaining about not being able to donate sperm. They have gotten so much of their agenda, and are perpetual victims. No matter what, they'll biutch and moan. Before you know it, they complain they don't get affirmative action.

If you think my lack of acceptance of the homosexual lifestyle makes me a homphobe, then go ahead and make yourself feel better. I am not a homophobe, I have no fear of men. I am anti-homosexual agenda, so get it right. My gay friends and gay old college buddies know I feel this way about their lifestyle. That is why they like me. They know I am not lying to their faces while saying something else behind their backs.

Wednesday, May 19, 2004

A laughable e-mail 

On my other blog, John Kerry for President? You Must Be Joking, where I am one of 6 contributors, I got this e-mail from someone whose name I am withholding:

Last time I checked, the death penalty was against Catholic doctrine as well as abortion. Therefore, all Republicans who are Catholics should
also not take the Eucharist. I'm another Catholic for Kerry and proud
of it. Catholic social teaching calls Catholics to a moral obligation:
Standing up for human rights. ALL HUMAN RIGHTS. I would hardly call the
Republican platform, one which deprives the poor of health care,
education, and basic needs, representative of Christ's message.

I was raised a Catholic and continue to be a Catholic, but this sure sounds like old fashioned Socialist, Communist, and Marxist rhetoric to me. I just love the meme about Republicans denying health care. Socialized health care is a failure everywhere it exists, and this country has by far and away the best health care in the world. I won't even get into that. (By the way, has anyone ever seen a liberal hospital, privately funded? I never have. I have seen many Catholic, Christian, and Jewish hospitals, but never saw an ACLU, People for the American Way, Greenpeace, etc. hospital) And, on education, this woman must be joking. No one in history has ever spent more on education than Bush, on a bill mostly written by Ted Kennedy!! Just take a look at school vouchers, which Kerry has always been against. Catholic schools educate a hell of a lot better than public schools for a hell of a lot less money. Kerry, like his fellow Democrats, being owned by the teachers' unions, will continue the cycle of lousy schools, especially in inner cities. Faith-based iniatives will die a quick death if Kerry is elected. Can this woman, as a Catholic, really say with a straight face that the government does anything better (and cheaper) than religious groups?

As for the basic needs nonsense, it sure sounds like Karl Marx's famous quote, "From each according to his abilities, to each according to his needs." Uh, no thanks.

Anyway, I responded to this woman with this e-mail:

Deprives the public of health care? What country is that? We aren't Socialist enough for you? And, this administration has spent more money on education, in a bill written by Democrat Ted Kennedy, than any other in history.

Typical liberal. Just keeping giving welfare and everything away to the "poor", and everything will be OK. Earth to you: The War on Poverty and the Great Society was 40 years ago, and it flopped.

Answer me this: Who gave you your education? Where do you get your health care and basic needs? Who provides for yuor family?

I look forward to your response and the continuing of our debate.

Here was her (non) response:

Actually, I was a registered Republican until last year, I'm against
welfare, and well aware of the fantastic contribution Ted Kennedy has
made to our country in his long-running term in office. I look forward
to writing you back, as well. Right now, though, I am off to work

Read that twice. A registered Republican until last year who is aware of Ted Kennedy's "fantastic contribution." What contribution is that? In that one sentence, she exposes herself for a phony. If she bothers to answer my questions, I'll let you know. Don't hold your breath. I ain't holding mine.

Just when I thought... 

...the 9/11 Commission could not be more of a kangaroo commission, this happens:

Families Lash Out at Giuliani at Hearing

NEW YORK - Outraged relatives of World Trade Center victims heckled former Mayor Rudolph Giuliani on Wednesday as their hopes that he would be grilled by the Sept. 11 commission faded in the face of gentle questioning and effusive praise from panel members.

My son was murdered because of your incompetence!" shouted Sally Regenhard, whose firefighter son died in the trade center. Seated three rows behind Giuliani, she jabbed her finger at the former mayor and waved a sign that read "Fiction" as he gave the city's emergency response a glowing review.

Giuliani finished his testimony and abruptly left the auditorium minutes later, leaving many family members upset that they received few answers. Monica Gabrielle, who lost her husband, Richard, called it a "lost opportunity."

A lost opportunity for what? Giuliani didn't kill anyone, al-Qaeda did!! I cannot believe I have lost sympathy for many the 9/11 families. (But not all of them) Who in this world was prepared to deal with the attacks on the World Trade Center? No one!! They can't possibly be trying to make sure that the next time we are attacked, our cities are better prepared to deal with them, are they? Of course not. They are trying to disparage Guiliani simply because he has a future in the Republican party, and would have a great chance of beating Hillary in 2006 or even winning the Presidency in 2008.

"This was not a time for Rudy Giuliani to talk about all the great things he did on 9/11," she said. "He can save that for his talking tours. He should have told us what went wrong and what we should do now."

I can answer that question easily. No one was prepared to deal with an attack on that scale, and what we should do now is what Bush has been doing, taking the fight to the terrorists. Guiliani has no power to do anything, and didn't even when he was mayor.

Later, Giuliani was chastised by members of the public. A longtime city gadfly berated him and the commission, yelling, "Three thousand people murdered does not mean leadership!" He and another person were hustled out of the room.

Others in the audience shouted about the failure of Fire Department radios, shouting, "Talk about the radios!"

Sadly, this sounds like a prelude to a lawsuit against Motorola. I cannot believe the nerve of these people.

The final report comes out on August 26th, just in time for the Democratic convention. We already know that the report will find fault from Bush, Rice, Cheney, Rumsfeld, the CIA, Guiliani, the NYFD, and the NYPD. Yet, there will be no blame placed at the feet of al-Qaeda and Osama bin Laden. You just wait.

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