Monday, September 12, 2005

Guest blogging 

I am one of the guest bloggers at Right Thinking from the Left Coast for the next two weeks. Stop by...

Sunday, September 04, 2005

That jackass New Orleans mayor strikes again 

Kust when I thought New Orleans mayor Ray Nagin couldn't be a bigger jackass, he goes and says this:

"Today was a turning point, I think," he said. "My philosophy is never get too high, never get too low. ... I always try to keep my emotions in check and yesterday I kind of went off a little bit. I was worried about that, but it maybe worked out. I don't know. If the CIA slips me something and next week you don't see me, you'll all know what happened."

Yeah, OK. Just like Bush had Michael Moore, Howard Dean, and Ted Kennedy killed.

Saturday, September 03, 2005

R.I.P. Chief 

May God Bless Chief Justice Rehnquist's soul.

Friday, September 02, 2005

Let's speculate for a moment, shall we 

NEW ORLEANS (AP) - Less than one minute after the levees broke, flooding New Orleans, President Bush announced that he was appointing Rudy Guiliani as leader of the recovery effort. "Tough times call for tested leadership," the President stated. "Mayor Guilani has experience in coordinating recovery efforts and I know he'll do a fantastic job."

Reaction to this announcement was swift. "New Orleans has their own perfectly competent leader," civil rights leader Jesse Jackson angrily replied. "Of course, Bush can't have a black man, especially a former Republican who changed parties, looking good on TV."

Howard Dean, DNC chairman accused Bush of putting politics over saving lives. "In a time of dire need, Bush instead chooses politics over lives in an attempt to annoint his successor rather than let the Democrats in charge of New Orleans and Louisiana get all the glory."

With Bush seeing some of the lowest approval numbers of his Presidency, others have suggested his overeagerness is to deflect attention from his failures in Iraq. "He must think we're stupid," claimed a poor, lesbian, African-American woman who refused to give her name. "He is getting our people killed over there for oil while he does nothing when black people are dying by the thousands."

Is there any doubt this would be the story if Bush took charge from the first minute?

Is there any doubt this would be the story if Bush reacted instantaneously?

Is there a bigger jackass... 

than New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin? There can't possibly be.

"Get off your asses and let's do something," the mayor told WWL-AM Thursday night in a rambling interview in which he cursed, yelled and ultimately burst into tears. At one point he said: "Excuse my French _ everybody in America _ but I am pissed."

How about you get off your ass first, you incompetent son of a bitch!! YOU are the mayor the city. It is YOUR job to lead in a crisis like this, first and foremost, not to wait for the big daddy federal government to take care of it. Your government is corrupt, your leadership is a joke.

This incompetent fool ordered the city to evacuate before the hurricane. Where were the buses that you are whining about now back when you made the order? And, when you ordered all those people to the Superdome, did it ever occur to you to make sure there were supplies there, or to get them there quickly?

What we are seeing now is the inevitable result of an incompetent mayor, a corrupt government, and corrupt police force who have failed to address the outrageous crime and murder rate in that city. I am sick of hearing the complainers who have everyone from Bush on down to blame but have offered no help or leadership themselves.

May God save New Orleans.

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